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Based on 3 reviews and 51 answers
Former Student
Sep 8, 2021


This school was a living hell for me and still is for many students there. They only care about what they look like and what it looks like on paper, if you are asking for help with anything especially work they won’t give it to you unless your misbehaving and it reflects badly or unless you are already doing amazingly, most of the time they only help you will get if you behave is just extra work. They don’t help people being bullied at all unless you misbehave as well and they refuse to listen to the students cry for help or ideas. The teachers have said themselves that they are only there for the lay check and I pity any child that has to go there.
Jul 20, 2021


I don’t like the school personally and feel the teachers don’t particularly care about anything except our work. Every weekend on Sunday I dread going back there and the only reason I do is for my friends.
Jan 26, 2021

Christ's Family - individual first, grades second

It's been really good for me! I feel valued and respected (almost always) and you really feel part of the family. I've been helped to fulfill my potential academically and as an individual. The school has given me the opportunity to pursue my hobbies and develop my skills, as well as supporting me in class. Such and amazing family and full of lovely people! I am going to miss it so much!

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