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Feb 8, 2023

Excellent start to senior school

My child recently joined this school in Y7. Everything has been excellent from the start from taster days to getting into daily school life. Leadership is strong and teachers seem dedicated and supportive - all the more laudable given the current conditions in the education sector. Welfare is a top priority and education is done in a way that isn't all about the school getting good grades for league tables but for achieving the very best for each individual. I'm a fan of the reduced school day - especially if your child makes good use of the many varied opportunities for after-school activities. It does have it's downsides, with music lessons being tricky and breaks short but overall I think the benefits outweigh those. My only wish would be for the kids to get an opportunity to swim in sport but I can appreciate that is no easy task.
Former Student
Dec 2, 2022

Do better

After spending 5 years here i was ready to leave. Although some aspects were enjoyable, there was a lot of things that seemed to go unnoticed. The school heavily focused on the wrong issues and would often tell parents one thing however act on something else.
Sep 9, 2022

I go to this school court moor is fun the teachers are handling the bulling they do great teaching Some teachers are strict not mean but great

Great school

Great teacher some teachers are strict but nice the food yummy and if you get bullied they Sort it out
Jan 28, 2022

Not great.

Toilets disgusting and you can't go in the cubicle as you get spat on. Some teachers are bullies. Smokers in the toilets offered my athsmatic son a cigarette. looking at getting my kids out asap
Former Student
Sep 6, 2021

Court moor sucked

Some of the teachers were great, supporting me with not only my education but also personal things regarding mental health. Will say the art department are awful, they make you feel so low you don't think you can get any worse but they manage it anyway. It was so bad I abandoned wanting to become an artist, something I've wanted since I was 8. The pastoral team were shocking and made me want to end my life a number of times which is the complete opposite of what they're meant to do. I refused to use the toilets there because of how disgusting they were. There were a few scandals there. I did get good grades there however it was in exchange for my mental health which I don't recommend.
May 22, 2021

The maths teacher

** ******* is one of the worst teachers he never listens to students and just cares about how long is left of the lesson either that or he completely ignores you but other than that the rest of the school is great
Former Student
Nov 21, 2020

Amazing place to go

I loved this school, all my teachers were great and I do miss some of them still. The teachers aren’t afraid to make a fool of themselves at events and are such a great laugh. I left with good grades and would recommend to others!
Oct 17, 2020

Could be worse

It’s decent, okay teachers with some geniuenly making you want to die, but I won’t name names, just be aware In DT. Hygiene isn’t great, the bathrooms have genuinely pee and human feces everywhere, with them never being cleaned.
Oct 8, 2020

My review

There are no after school activities due to COVID also the indoor environment it disgusting especially the toilets and some of the teachers are rude and don’t actually care about us they just want their money at the end of the day. I get ignored by teachers then get told off for not being a part of the lesson. Also the homework year 11s get 3 full science tests a week plus loads of other homework from other subjects all on top of revision for our November mocks yet the teachers don’t stop giving us more
Former Student
Aug 29, 2020

My personal review

I didn’t enjoy school that much. I felt anxious to come in everyday because of the way people treated me which the school did nothing about. The school didn’t handle COVID very well either at all with us year 11’s and I felt saddened that I didn’t get a proper goodbye unlike other schools. Although most of the teachers there I loved! It was the headteacher that made it the least enjoyable experience.
Former Student
Aug 26, 2020

not bad, not bad

I got the job done...there was a few sister scandals in my day but hey ‘tis dons.

Private school wasn’t wasted on me.

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