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Sep 6, 2023


This school is terrible. All teachers care about nowadays is uniform, why do YOU care how WE wear our uniform that we bought with OUR money??? No one else seems to have a problem with it so why do you..? Especially with skirts. Why are you looking there anyway, all of us wear shorts underneath so what's the issue 💀 Also they don't let u go to the toilet in lessons AT ALL. They used to, but now they think everyone that needs to go is doing it to skip lesson. NO? Some of us actually NEED to go to the toilet. Do you want us to piss on the floor? We can't control our bladder if we need to go to the toilet WE NEED TO GO. Honestly if the teacher says no, just leave anyway. It's literally abuse 😁
Jul 12, 2023

its aight

yep, as the title says, it's aight.
Jun 22, 2023


There is this teacher called henry and i love him, hes such a good teacher and hes such a lenger, he is the best teacher in cove school and i almost cried with joy when i had him three times in one day. Please never fire henry, he's so good for the school and you don't want to fire him because he is soooo good. in conclusion: I LOVE HENRY !!!!
Jun 16, 2023

Don’t send your child here, pathetic school

If you’re thinking about bringing your kid to this school, dont. My child always comes home complaining with new and just pathetic rules like another that has come in place today not letting them wear their skirt unless it is knee length with most skirts don’t even go to they were told if not they have to wear trousers in this boiling heat. Cove school just get worse and worse
May 23, 2023

Fix your school!!!!

What the heck man! The school needs to get it's stuff in order! It's out of control!!!
May 23, 2023

Teachers need improving!

School sucks, teachers have favourites and aren't good at what they do, An English teacher was teaching geography for christs sake!
May 23, 2023


yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes 7yes eys ewys eysxy s
May 23, 2023


This school sucks, I asked for a chicken burger and got BEEF! This is NOT a good standard for cove school! Signed-🤓
May 11, 2023

Dont come here unless cove actually decideds

Teachers care more about some uniform than mental health. The school itself is decent, but this is a poor and small school so don't expect much. Once they fix their staffs and head of years maybe it would be better :)
Apr 26, 2023

Cove school

So bad teachers think they are too superior and don’t actually care about the students. The school says things they do are for our benefit but in reality it’s all just lies as they don’t do anything about it that’s helping. I understand teachers are adults and should be listened to but the don’t actually put themselves in the kids shoes, they shout at them as their first resort. There was a system including verbal reminders before which has changed making detentions and behaviour points the first thing they do to “resolve” the problem
Sep 2, 2021

Please be careful

Overall I believe that this school is filled with pure favouritism.If you weren't liked by your teacher( not because you are bad or anything) you will get no support at all.For example i did well in my mocks ( got a 6) but because I wasn't exactly bestfriends with my teacher she gave me a low grade(3)for my gcse during Covid which made me not get the subject I wanted in college . Also may I add that once when I got grouped by a bunch of girls which could have resulted in me getting hurt , the headteacher walked passed and simply said " behave girls" and walked passed like it was nothing
Jan 26, 2021


Terrible school. Teachers don’t really help and the headteacher doesn’t really make the school better. Food is disgusting it tastes like plastics.
Jan 3, 2021

cove school 👎👎👎

terrible school, worst one ever

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