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Dec 11, 2023

I had a great time at the school!

Really good school, some good teachers and lots to do. Lessons were very engaging too.
Dec 2, 2023

This is not okay

Teacher took my child’s phone away for a year and a half isn’t that illegal becuase I paid for the phone?
Sep 11, 2023

:( I was actually excited to join

They want us to be identical and boring or smth this sch sucks on every level
Most staff are over worked …you can tell
Sep 11, 2023

No such thing as unique perspectives ..

The actual education is great….however the environment at school is terrible. For starters we have to wear blazers in 30+ degrees so we end up boiling then we drink more water cuz of the heat and can’t go to the toilet. Once I was in computing and I’d finished all my work it was hot so I obviously drank more than normal ..I desperately needed the toilet so I asked multiple times only to be told that “ I’m not a baby” by the teacher
In the end I confronted them and said “ what do u want me to do ?” Then walked out to the toilet and received an on cal, detention and was screamed at by staff.

For any person that’s unique and not a complete zombie sheep lol I’d suggest not going to this school they pretend to celebrate uniqueness but really they want everyone the same.
This school trains us to be a slave to society and tells us what we can be..

Apparently this is meant to be the best school on the island??
Jul 13, 2023


I go to this school it's not great the canteen food is good but expensive the assemblys a joke e1m is just sad the only good teachers are miss doughty mrs white (maths) and mr barron oh and of course miss rudd (head of year) . The school looks like a prison. It's filfy
The library is nice and there is many places to sit at lunch overall an ok school
Jun 30, 2023

Needs clean and more good teachers

So dirty needs a clean and the clean staff are awful. The toilets aren't even usable sometimes even in the mornings. Some of the teachers are so rubbish barley even qualified. Dew good ones though that have made my 5 years worth it. Mr Mussel in science is the best . Pe is awful and we don't even do anything. I'll be glad to leave.
Feb 28, 2023


School is pretty awful. stupid rules. We arent allowed to stand at break or lunch.
Feb 27, 2023

Propa nice gaff

propa nice tho ini
sending my 16.03 darling kids here ASAP so they can experience this propa heaven for their own little eyes.
Dec 31, 2022

Supportive and caring on every level.

Having had gone to CEC for half a decade, I’ve seen a lot of changes. One thing that had remained unchanged is the care and support teachers give students; it’s not only school work, they care for you as a person and treat you with respect and kindness. I’ve never felt so supported ever, and have always throughly enjoyed going to Cowes. Mental health has become more of a top priority for them, and it shows through the lengths they go to to support you. Academically, the school is strong with amazing teaching staff and lots of sessions for those struggling in their subjects.

Always proud to be a student there.
Nov 23, 2022

Bullying at CEC

While the school is exceptional compared to other schools on the island, it lacks the ability to solve racial differences. Since I'm part of the few poc at our school, some of the students are casually racist to me and the school didn't do much after I reported being called the n word, even though I'm Indian. People often think I'm not fazed by the comments but I really am. I know people who were bullied and nothing was done about it.
Nov 21, 2022

Thank u

Thank u CEC for being a nice school
Nov 7, 2022

They care about us

Nothing bad I can say about the school. I feel really safe and like they care about me. Lessons are good, clubs are good, school is good.
Oct 19, 2022

nice school

this is the best school on the island and i am glad i go here
Oct 18, 2022

good but Bad

the school is good but they are rubbish and there teaching needs improving. and also don't care about the students anxiety and stress/bullying they need to improve the whole school, they need to let students fill up there drink bottles because i have getting head ache. they need to get better at dealing with mental health. and need to care about the students more. Thank u
Oct 10, 2022


Thank you CEC for being such an amazing school
Oct 10, 2022


Thanks CEC for being so amazing for the students!
Sep 30, 2022


Love this school it is so good
Former Student
Sep 30, 2022

Amazing school

CEC has really come on a lot since the days of Cowes High School. The education on offer is excellent, staff really care about educating the students for life, not just for exams and there is a great sense of family. Well done CEC
Sep 25, 2022

A school that does not care about pupils

While my daughter was at the school I addressed the multiple occasions when staff treated pupils, including my daughter, with a total lack of respect, and on occasions reduced them tears. Pupil welfare was non existent. I received no reply or updates. Laughingly my daughter was asked to stay on to 6th Form following remarkable exam results, in spite of, not because of them. No thank you.
Sep 21, 2022

It's not about education

To say I am shocked at the way the school runs is an understatement.
There is more interest in making students sweat in blazers on hot days, measuring skirts, nit picking the width of a pair of trousers etc than any actual interest in helping children develop their skills. It seems to me like the only thing they care about is the schools appearance and ofsted reports. The help and compassion for children with adhd etc seems to be total lip service!
A child with adhd doesn't fit in a criteria box, they are individuals yet this school seems to think there is a one size fits all and gets great enjoyment from dishing out punishments to kids on a daily basis if they are not the text book perfect student.
Ie detention for forgetting to tuck a shirt in, detention for forgetting to put blazer on ..the list goes on. It is not at all surprising why so many parents now are turning to home Ed.
Former Student
Sep 7, 2022


Cowes enterprise.

Can't grade it because I no longer attend this school and it's under a different administration,but 😅😵,not a laughing out loud matter really,I see some things never change,and as for PE teachers,many of us old attendees, remember the same old treatment,per example,I forgot my shorts one day,and was told to wear my knickers,I said,no I won't, because all the boys would be watching,and,I didn't do pe,that day,in heaven's name,it hasn't changed,and bullying was also,just the same,back in the days,as was good teachers and bad teachers,it doesn't change,doubt it ever will,so,just reach out for the good bits about school.
Sep 1, 2022

my review

it’s alright i guess, usually lots of pathetic drama tho
Apr 28, 2022

:) i dont like

very bad the school is ugly and weird looking and the uniform looks like prison
Apr 28, 2022

very very bad i don't like it the teacher are rude

very bad school I don't like it very rude teachers and the school is ugly
Apr 24, 2022

awful school

the school is awful, throughout my school expirence i have been bullied had r@pe threats and had threats that i was going to be assualted i was stalked and assualted multiple times by a male student and the school blamed me and discarded my feelings and the proof against him and said it was my fault for leading him on. i started falling into a depression and told the safeguarding people i had thoughts about ending my life and they phoned my parents who werent happy about it when i asked it to be a private matter. the school is transphobic and homophobic in e1m lessons male teachers took over and put blame onto r@pe victims and said they shouldnt have been wearing that or they should be more cautious about men on drugs and alcohol. there are also many male members of staff that have commented on female students under garments such as the colour of bras. they have also left the gcse prep wayyyy too late this year and the year 11s are crumbling under the riduclous amount of pressure they are being put under. however all these bad expirences have made me into a better person and have given me life skills but alot of trauma the school doesnt have any sense of knowledge of mental health and they shame students. younger students run assemblies aboyt serious topics and the way the senior staff members have crafted the assemblies almost belittles the studentd suffering
Apr 9, 2022

Bad. Just bad.

Education's alright but in some lessons like music, drama, Spanish and pe I never learnt anything.
Cleaning is absolutely rubbish, there was a crisp packet under a portable canteen for an month and a half, didn't get cleaned through half term and was only moved when said canteen moved.
School safeguarding team is terrible, consistently violates privacy and considers trans kids more of a safeguarding issue than outing trans kids to transphobic parents. No one trusts them.
Schools special lesson of e1m, which stands for "everyone matters" are the worst thing ever, they teach the same thing year after year with little to no differences, are poorly researched (they used the r slur repetidley in one and used outdated terms for various things) and take up GCSE and A-level time. The base lessons in maybe years 7 and 8 are decent but after that there is no need.
Teachers are a hit and miss, some are great and some are probably barley qualified.
Looks like a prison, hallways are too small and classrooms are either cupboard sized or big enough to fit a house in.
Has student led teams to do with being eco friendly, equality and mental health, but they never do anything past a sh*try assembly. Equality team was only put together after students planned a protest.
Apr 1, 2022


It's an amazing school it helped me through alot and I feel safe in the school and I trust the adults in the school it's fun and lessons are interesting
Former Student
Feb 21, 2022

absolutely disgusting excuse for a school

This school ruined my mental health, from criticising my looks and making me wear tight and extremely short skirts during pe, where the boys would sexualise us.
however then punishing us for skirt length, and blaming us for the boys “not being able to concentrate” which might i add is r*pe culture. Teaching the boys that it’s always the girls fault.

Additionally throughout my whole year7-11 experience here i suffered from a extremely low self esteem, depression, anxiety and an eating disorder where i got little to none help. instead on my lowest days when you could tell i was suic*dal i was shouted at for my “provocative skirt length” and told i looked like a “prostitute” and “naked”

Not to mention the bullying that goes on that just goes unnoticed or is ignored, the racism homophobia and sexism from students and occasionally staff.

The safeguarding team are just bully’s who make children more mentally ill, this has been proven by many tragic events.

Attendance also seems to be this schools top priority above the well-being of its students along with homework and PE, don’t get my started on how some of the pe teachers treat students.

There are the odd teachers that do make this school slightly better but overall i would never want to return back to this school
Feb 17, 2022

Poor Communication

If you are a step father and write to the school they respond only to the mother. Presumably because as step father I do not have parental responsibility. However, they could at least copy me in on the email they send to my wife in response to my email? Or just respond to me to state that I would need parental responsibility to get a response from my communication, but I received nothing.
In the core subject of maths my step daughter I assume is in a lower stream. When I wrote to the Principal on 2nd February 2022, I informed her that since 19th September 2021 I could see from satchel:one online that there had been 18 maths home works set, my step daughter had submitted 13 of these, and the teacher had posted just one result. Whilst on the website it sates “Has your child handed in their homework yet? Once they have, their teacher can share feedback for you here.” We’ve had no response from the Principal about this and as of today (17th February) still no results on the website. How are parents supposed to monitor their children’s progress without this feedback?
In maths Cowes EC, at least in the lower steam, you score 8%
Former Student
Feb 14, 2022

Year 7 - 11

a pit

actually the 7th ring of hell for anyone with any sort of individuality
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