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Nov 9, 2022

My honest review — CROOKHORN COLLEGE

This school is not worth the visit. Trust me. The walls feel like they’re made out of cardboard, the chairs feel like the legs are going to snap whenever I sit down, the gym is so poor quality, about 5% of the teachers here actually care about educating children, the rest of them are very lousy & couldn’t care less about the children’s grades. I’ve had multiple complaints from both of my children about how a lot of the teachers here are childish. The food here is rubbish, it tastes like it’s been pre-heated for a week. The canteen really needs a redo or something… In fact the whole school does. They don’t care if your child is sick, they’ll still mark your child down as absent & give them a negative warning for it, even if you explain to them that your child is sick. The pupils here aren’t friendly, the majority of them are Gen-Z wannabes, and overall an absolute mess. Your children are forced to uncomfortably roll down their skirts & tuck their shirts, always. My child got their jumper taken away by the head teacher for a day because they wore it in the morning because it was very cold. The classrooms look & feel like they’d crumble under a small storm, the tables never ever get cleaned either; I’m warning you, this school doesn’t care about health, do not put your hand under a table at this school. It’s covered in absolute grime & gum. This school doesn’t even have a proper medical room, nor nurse. They got the first teacher possible & asked them to work as the school nurse. My child once had Covid-19 & explained to the nurse that they felt sick & and that they had multiple symptoms of Covid-19 & they were questioned, “would you like a bowl of cereal?”. My child of course said no, and they were told to wash their hands and go back to class. This school is a carnival from 1910. Teachers are absolute clowns & the buildings collapse under a simple touch. If I could give this review 0 stars I would. I highly recommend NOT going to this school, & send your child to a different school, like Oaklands.
Aug 15, 2021


all right, lessons can be a bit boring and lack enrichment and the uniform policy is low-key sexist and restricts any personal freedom/creativity but the field is pretty big
Nov 25, 2020


do not go to this school. i dont recommend this on my worst enemy. way too much homework is set and they dont give anybody a break. teachers are strict. m1ss m1ll3r is mean and too energetic.
Stakes Hill Road, PO7 5UD, Waterlooville

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