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Sep 24, 2023

Best school ever

This school is the best school ever there are excellent teachers and having excellent content and extra circular clubs and fantastic opportunity to different charity events.
Oct 9, 2022


Where's the leadership team when you need them? Poor teachers left to deal with everything. Bullying is handled poorly blaming the victim and making good parents feel bad, rather than deal with the bully, safeguarding lead doesn't handle situations correctly, just shouts at students and doesn't follow school polices as per guidelines on school website. School doesn't adhere to brentwood diocese polices as to how a Catholic school should be so amazed how they got outstanding from the diocese of brentwood. Safeguarding is a problem, teachers and staff members openly discussing private matters. Teachers making comments and rolling their eyes to students about other teachers especially when talking about the leadership team. Students end up with mental health issues and anxiety when they attend this school. Head teacher only seen when it's rewards, masses or parents evening, never seen when there are issues. Ofsted need to investigate this school and cover ups.
Oct 9, 2022


This school has poor leadership, leaving heads of year to deal with everything, which is simply unfair, where are the leadership team when needed? Meetings arranged with parents and then teachers fail to turn up, or forget and look rushed on arrival. Bullying is handled poorly and blame the victim rather than take a firm hand with the bully. Safeguarding lead doesn't handle situations successfully and school policies not followed as per guidelines. School doesn't follow the brentwood diocese ethos on what a catholic school should be. Students end up with mental heath problems and anxiety attending this school. Alot of cover ups. Leadership to blame. To many matters openly discussed when should be private.
Oct 6, 2022

Bullying, so disgusting honestly.

Disgusting. I was getting bullied and no one did anything about it honestly teachers were rude. I would get stuff thrown at me and have dirty wet tissues chucked at me.
Dec 10, 2021

Let down

Sadly this school has poor leadership and safeguarding issues, a staff member openly discussed an issue about My child which was private with her family and was repeated back to my daughter, the school doesn't deal with issues, they will send you an email to brush you off but don't actually answer your concerns or deal with your concerns. The school is very top set focust and doesn't care about the lower sets at all, they are set up to fail. Tops sets get alot of homework whilst lower sets hardly get any. There are no lines of communication to parents about what is going on in the school.
Nov 10, 2021


very shit school, don’t care about students, wouldn’t recommend. My son received multiple racist hate crimes and the school did nothing so i moved him!!

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