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Apr 18, 2023

Not impressed

Not impressed at all, the meals are more expensive than a coffee shop in town.
The staff seem to talk more about themselves than teaching the children.
My child has been ask why they think they have the right to an opinion and children are always been handed out detentions.
Feb 10, 2023

you might want to try fortnite

steven chen get it sorted!!!!!
Mar 5, 2022

Bad school

Durham Johnston is an horrendous school, if your child is academic they are the golden child if your child does not conform to society norms then God help them, they missed my genuine sons autism and have biased teachers and do nothing about it. Bullying does not disciplined especially if they are golden child do not send your child there this 10 years of experience
Dec 16, 2021

Decent school

The school is well kept with a decent curriculum the teachers are mostly OK the main problem is the overpriced glorified dog food they sell at break and lunch for break they sell nearly stale 'toast'.
The school is good but the only thing that brings it down is the food and how much it costs but if that wasn't a problem I would give 4 stars not 3.
Jul 24, 2021

so bad

trash wouldn't even give it one star all the people there are horrible and the teachers don't care about you at all lol
Former Student
Jun 11, 2021

Great school but lacking COVID management

I have just left year 11 and found it to be a very good school until COVID hit and then there was no social distancing at all, hand gel used instead of washing hands, face masks weren’t managed well so students were wearing them under chins, noses or just not at all with no response from teachers. Would recommend for a new student after COVID but not right now.
Dec 1, 2020


Im currently a student in Y12.In response to the review above, I do believe there are lot of student for the size of the school and I've seen the school get even more crammed every year since Y7. Covid-19 was totally unexpected and the school have tried their best to still function as normal but at the same time comply with government regulations and most importantly keep the students safe. That video that was shared was completely taken out of context the school has been divided into year group bubbles with certain areas dedicated to specific year groups and in that video it was one whole year(one bubble).
Regarding to students been told to isolate, they're not going to isolate a whole year for 1 student who tests positive. However, what the school has done is isolate children who are in close contact. If you are stood within 2m, exposed with no mask and with them for more that 15mins that is classed as being in close contact. The school is being responsible and careful with many procedures and emergency covid rooms are available for students with symptoms. As well, if a child comes to school with more that 2 symptoms they're sent home immediately. Last week the whole of y12 was sent home to self isolate which proves how serious they are about COVID-19.
Oct 31, 2020

Durham Johnston

It could be worse, but its shocking the fact that they have after school clubs, assemblies and no social distancing. There was a video when they went back of all the kids crammed in the halls. Shocking. And then they dont social distance after school. They had multiple cases and didn't tell people who had been in any form of contact, to self isolate. They lied to us parents into thinking that they would be safe, and that they wouldn't have assemblies, wouldn't move around the school, wouldn’t have after school clubs and that they’d social distance. The teachers are great but they need to learn how to keep the children safe in school.
Sep 21, 2020

Excellent school

I moved here in year 10 as I wasn’t happy at my old school. I made friends straight away. I enjoy all of my lessons and my teachers are very helpful and supportive. It’s a great school. No complaints!

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