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Apr 20, 2024

what a sugar honey iced tea hole

Fearnhill school is a good school if you have special needs, but it’s a dead school if you want to express yourself. for example, i’m gay and i wear the same amount of makeup as the girls in my yeargroup, and only my makeup if picked up on. i wouldn’t have a problem with the school rules if it was equal for boys AND girls. overall a good school if you find it easy to fit in, otherwise it’s a joke!!!
Thank you and goodnight.
Oct 10, 2023


Don't take it personally but,Fearnhill has really bad communication.Loads of teachers can't even tell my child where the after school English club was.Such a waste of time for my child looking for it and coming home as they cannot find it.If they're expecting my child to come,why don't they take a responsibility to make sure they're in that room after 3:00PM rather just leaving them to handle it themselves and yet,my child was a new year 7 so of course I would be complaining about it. Then again, my child had left their PE bag at home by accident so I had to give it to the receptionist and they said they would hand it to my child but they didn't.The next day, my child was looking for it in the reception/lost and found basket.The lady said "Oh, this one on the table had been left here since yesterday" what a lazy sceme?! Can't they even do one job they priortized to like hand it to my child instead of leaving it there?This is just a re-view so you have my opinion.
Sep 17, 2023

don't care about you or you metal health

don't let your children go here in less you want them to coming home in tears every night. the do not give a flying fuck about your metal health. for example mr sheridan is rude , uneducated unfriendly man in the school . he give out detentions left right and centre . I got s detention from him for not taking my shoes and socks of in a drama lesson because I didn't was my feet on the dirty floors. I was only at this school for 2 years and 2 months before I had to leave because I was getting bullied that much because none of the staff could do the job right. the cleanliness of the school is poor. they was mold in classrooms, dirty floors . stains in carpets, poo stains down the toilets and you can smell the bathrooms from a mile away. they need to learn some hygiene. The staff are just flat out rude!!!
Apr 26, 2023

I hate this school sm

all the teachers are rude to students and one of the pastoral members made a girl cry by waiting she was nothing but a disappointment to the school
Former Student
Nov 12, 2022

Fearnhill report

Never helped with bullying, never done what they said that they would to help, always listened to other students and called me a liar. Singled me out because of my disabilities, treated me like I was trash. Constantly took me out of class for no reason just to make up a lie that I done something when I never actually spoke in class. Said I lied about my mental health for attention. Overall very bad attitude towards students and the teachers only care about the actual bullies and go on there side all the time!
Sep 10, 2022

Secondary School

i dread going here.

They seem to focus more on uniform than people’s well being and expression.
Former Student
Sep 9, 2022

Poor safeguarding - 2016 onwards

One of many terrible experiences I suffered at this school was that I was tripped over in P.E and landed on the gravel knee first, cutting my knee open. When taken to the nurses office, they treated it poorly and contacted my mum saying it was just a graze on the knee and was not serious (though I could barely walk and had blood loss).

This was around 2016, and things may have changed, but nevertheless the school has always had terrible standards and I would not recommend sending your child here.
Former Student
Aug 30, 2022

Mixed views

Finished there 2 months ago. To start with, the school was bad 5 years ago with behaviour but that got a lot better.

Had a rough time with teachers in yr8 as I went through 7 different science teachers in a year. That got better as afterwards they got some great staff and they were great at being there helping with exams despite being in lockdown for 2 years before GCSEs.

However the school does lack good quality basic equipment and looks unappealing but thats not a huge deal.

My main issue was in the last year after lockdown (2022) vapes became the new trend in school at which the staff were slow to stop. This led to parts of the school (like the toilets) being unsafe due to groups of students with vapes and drugs.
Oct 23, 2020

Don’t send your kid here

Do not recommend very poor school
Lies to parents and students
Bullying is not taken care off
Sep 12, 2020

fearnhill - student 2016 start

good school with decent behaviour but lack of teachers and some (specifically languages) are near useless

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