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Jan 22, 2023

I don't mind fernhill

Im still at fernhill and to be honest it's not that bad of a school most people get away with stuff but I'm a good student in my opinion I don't mind school but it does depend on your opinion but that's mine
Former Student
Nov 2, 2022

My opinion

I’ve left school now, but in my opinion it’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Students have a bad experience because maybe they don’t get along with teachers or they are just genuinely naughty. I was really bad behaved for a few years and my teachers were able to put me back on track. They are so lovely and deserve more praise than given
Jan 28, 2021

I don’t know about this school for your child

This school isn’t the best of schools in the world because the teachers are very harsh to you and they don’t care about if you are in need of something or if you feel sick or if you’re on your period they won’t let you go to the toilet or the medical room. I get it’s hard for them at the moment but they really need to up their game with the school “being great again” The headteacher of this school is actually quite horrible when it comes to it as he doesn’t let you get away with mostly anything when other teachers would

I wouldn’t really recommend this school but people have different opinions

And if you go to the teachers if you are getting bullied they say they are doing something to sort it out but they don’t end up doing it
Sep 10, 2020


Not very good at supporting students with mental health
Neville Duke Road, GU14 9BY, Farnborough

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