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Former Student
Sep 19, 2023

If only there was a rating as lower as bad.

For years I had to try and put on a good sincere smile so that the happy go lucky carefre- oh oops did I say carefree I mean careless staff wouldn't poke and pester me about how I am feeling cause I know deep down if I said anything they were going to shove my feelings in a deep endless pocket of complaints from students and parents alike and forget entirely just like they have been doing for god knows how long. I entered this secondary school a somewhat mentally stable child only to leave a disheveled broken mess because in this world apparently being mentally unstable is just a slight inconvenience no less.

This entire school is the definition of ooh I fight for equality while equity sinks to the bottom of the sea and is literally shoved away by the arrogance that is the staff of this school.

Bottom line is, equality is good but you have to start learning about equity otherwise you are just going to continue to throw the academically struggled under a truck and let them get run over while you continue to gloat about how important "attendance" is over the GENERAL HEALTH OF YOUR STUDENTS, because of this people end up with low self-esteem, mental health problems and maybe someday are no longer alive.

To the next lot of people entering, please take care of yourselves.
May 19, 2023

It's ok ig

It's not that great honestly wish I could be at home when ever I'm at school yh they have good cookie dough in the canteen don't recommend the vegetable noodles tho and every cake somehow has raisins in them.
May 16, 2023

I'm in this school, and it is awful

It's an absolutely horrific school. The staff and headteacher care about nothing but the poor excuse of a reputation, where bullying is completely ignored, with students being told to keep away from the person, then nothing more is done. Children frequently vape at this school, and once again, it is completely ignored, with little to no punishment. the school's "safeguarding hub" is nearly always closed during our free time, and even if it is open, they too do nearly nothing about your problem. the staff care so little about the students, and only if they are behaving. the computers at Gillingham school are also locked down to such a degree, I am surprised I could express my opinion on this site! The canteen is extortionate given the poor quality of the food and hygiene. My conclusion is, If you're thinking of sending your children here... don't.
Former Student
Apr 25, 2023


I went to this school when I was younger. At first, it was amazing to start year 7 came and I was slightly nervous. Some teachers helped me through that. However as the years went on I started how sh*t it had gotten and how down hill it started going. As I got older I started to struggle with mental health and so on. To which some teachers picked up on it but never offered to help me just told me to get on with my work.

That’s just when I was at school. I had put my options in for 6 Form and I had been accepted however it came to the first day of 6 Form and they had given me half a time table with nothing that I wanted to do on there. I then refused to go into school because some of the days of the week I had no lessons at all so what was the point. So they called me in for a meeting and told me I either went into school or I’d have to go to collage or drop out. They didnt help like they said they would when I went looking at collage they just gave up and pushed me aside.

But now the school has gotten even worse. My younger brother and sister tell me everything. Gillingham school has officially become worse then shaftberry. And I used to get told that shaftberry was the worst school. My brother and sister have mentioned to me about the toilets. Apparently there are now windows in the toilets so people are able to see in to see if there is anyone messing around. They are only allowed to use the toilets during lunch and break. It’s f*cking ridiculous, if you need to use the toilet then you need to use it. You can’t choose when you need to piss or not. My sister has also mentioned to me that year 11 have a pacific toilet that they have to use because apparently other years feel intimidated or scared of all the year 11 because they are getting accused of vaping.
I understand that vaping is bad however I don’t understand why the students are getting accused of vaping. Not all year 11 are like that, some have their head screwed on right and avoid that kind of stuff at all costs. But it’s still not right to accuse them all. I’ll also think you will find years 8-11 are all as bad as one another.

The school started off a great school when I was there however it’s gone down hill now and I’d never recommend signing your kid up for this school because most teachers don’t care. All they care about is the pay check they get for being tw*ts. This doesn’t go for all of the teachers because I had two teachers who where amazing and probably the only ones I had that cared.
If I had kids I wouldn’t send them to this place. It’s like a jail for kids and the school is a fucking joke. DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS/KID HERE
Former Student
Apr 24, 2023

Worst years of my life

A terrible school. They never helped me with my dyslexia and I was bullied every day but the Teachers didn't care. I left before 6 Form as I couldn't stand being in the school any longer. And at a time I was getting support from my friends because my Dad died and it was the day of his funeral, the school kicked me out with no sympathy. Don't go here unless you don't mind your children suffering with depression and serve anxiety in their future
Apr 23, 2023

Not too good

This school has had many examples of being a terrible place. Like year 7s vaping, people doing drugs and much much more. The motto is to be safe and happy but I can't see that's possible with people who do stuff like that.
Mar 22, 2023

don’t send ur kids here

honestly a shit school, they don’t care about any of the students they only care about how things look on the school. And the headteacher is especially rude to parents and implying that they are a bad parent. Don’t send your children here!!!!
Dec 5, 2022

harassment and bullying

i have experienced a lot of bullying as well as sexual harassment from other students towards myself and my friends, which i and my friends got the blame for. the school did not help us at all or even offer any help, instead they helped the harasser.
Nov 24, 2022

look at this review before you join this school

when I went to this school i got free drugs everyday from students(class A) i was high every day, didn't learn anything, people who would learn got bullied, one of the teachers, gave me a note saying he had kidnapped my family, and i was to high to do anything so i beat his nan with a stick, this school sucks, cant remember it. Jelly was aight tho.
Former Student
Jan 9, 2022

an embarrassment

i would be sat here for god knows how long if i gave you an in depth review of this place so let’s stick to the key points -those who struggle academically will immediately be thrown under the bus with zero support, those who suffer from mental health issues conditions do not receive the right care and are spoken to in a disgusting, insensitive manner, i know several people who have left that school due to poor pastoral support, the ableism from staff (and students too) is just shocking, bullying does not get dealt with partly to do with favouritism and ‘listening to one side of the story’ and just a general lack of knowledge towards anything in the real world - nobody is equal at this school, if you’re academic, great, if you’re not, there’s the door… this place is living in an a fantasy land, an embarrassment, an utter waste of my years when i could’ve achieved my qualifications and learnt in an environment that valued me as a person and actually supported me through difficult times
Dec 16, 2021

Gillingham School

Its shit. Would not recommend. Teachers do not care about the well being of the students. On top of that they only listen to one side of the story. Absolutely disgusting
Former Student
Nov 28, 2020

Incredibly disappointing

disgusting school, absolutely disgusting

they don’t take care of the students well being and oh my goodness the ignorance ??? the teachers are so ignorant it’s beyond me, absolute embarrassment
Sep 15, 2020


It’s a shit school , doesn’t believe students, do not recommend this school
Sep 8, 2020

Gillingham high school

Very good love the pastoral hub! Look after a lot of people in there.
Aug 27, 2020

Gill school

Does absolutely nothing for you when you need help, I got told that I was ok when I wasn’t. They make you feel down. It’s a stressful school to attend. And they only take pride in the academic kids

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