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Student · April 10, 2021
Student · April 10, 2021
This school has a lack of qualified teachers in many subjects. The lower class sets are always handled badly, which leads to the most passionate students failing because of teacher mistakes. Self expression for this school is highly limited, such as hair colour, makeup and nail varnish won’t effect the students ability to learn. The school needs to be more observant to bullying, as most bullying now is done verbally not physically. Also bullying towards homosexuals happens too much, this is mainly done as a ‘joke’ from heterosexual students. There will be a couple transgender students now and in the future and as of now I know that the trans males (female to male) are forced to use the female restrooms and changing rooms. I feel that the school could try and open the range of transgender students. This could be done by adding gender neutral bathrooms and changing rooms. Overall I believe that this school is ok.


Student · April 10, 2021
Student · April 10, 2021
this school doesn’t let students express themselves. they don’t do anything about bullying either. i know multiple people that have been assaulted but Glebelands care more about their ‘reputation’ (not expelling students) than the actual welfare of their students. if you hate your child, send them here.

no self expression at glebelands

Student · August 21, 2020
Student · August 21, 2020
this school is appalling. they do not let the students express theirselves at all. they have a very old fashioned outlook and make all girl students to wear skirts that look like potato sacks. they do not allow piercings, dyed hair, ‘heavy’ makeup and do not understand mental health. i would not recommend this school
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