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Sep 17, 2023

Overall, pretty good!

Hello! I have not been at the school long but so far it has been good! I've seen a lot of bad reviews of the school on here but I'd say it's pretty good! However, just a few issues I've had, the corridors are tiny and I struggle very much with claustrophobia, and the other week there was so many people in the corridoor that I was being squashed against walls and started crying and hyperventilating because it was so much of an inclosed space. It was a very scary experience. The second issue is toilets. The toilets are clean and don't get too full however there's been a twice where I've walked all the way to the toilet just for it to be in the process of being cleaned, or it was locked, only about 10 minutes after school hours! My third and last issue is the lessons, your pretty much not even learning anything, your just copying stuff of the board and leaving. But that's about it and in my own experience it is a good school and most teachers are nice.
Aug 15, 2023

Below average school in terms of experience

Overall the learning isn’t the best, teachers however are appalling to say the least however a small fraction of them are average. By my grading you can get an idea of what type of school it is.
Jul 17, 2023

Disgusting attitude

Absolutely shameless school! One teacher told my daughter that she could see her “bumhole” when her skirt was one inch above her knee while wearing shorts underneath. They had her put in inclusion all day missing SIX lessons because of her skirt which was just an inch above her knee. She complied with the rules and pulled it down to her knee and they still disrespected her and made her sit in the room all day missing key information from her lessons. Also threatened to call her dad who she has no contact with and has numerous issues with and my daughter ended up bursting into tears because of their foul language and disrespect. My daughters skirt was many inches longer than their school skort that many girls were wearing but my daughter was getting picked on.
Dec 6, 2022


completely inhuman

the school has some good teachers. the rest just read slides
unusual rules, like not turning on the heating but can't wear a coat or you are hot but have to wear a blazer
GCSE content is still being learnt all the way till exams, in intervention, the only revise easy stuff
many racist incidents, homophobia, islamophobia.
corridors are very small
the cleaners do not clean anything, many infestations
sell moldy and out of date food
pay for rewards trips
make you take of shoes and socks, for grip on dirty gym floor, even though trainers have grip, increasing germs on the floor and sweat and mud on your feet, I don't see how it is health and safety
no one to talk to about your problems, because they say there is a team, but the team is not trustworthy, act like the have better things to do, and dismiss your problems, because 'your year group are just dramatic' before you even tell them
I absolutely hated the school experience.
made some good friends though
I got a good grade form my own work, not their rubbish course, running all the way into GCSE
May 6, 2021

Disappointing Experience

The standard of teaching has lowered lots since I first joined the school. The building is very old and dirty but they are building onto it. The teachers are generally nice but many are unprofessional. The school doesn’t have very good facilities except for PE and Music. The students are quite rowdy but the school is very diverse and most people are approachable and friendly. I wouldn’t neccesarily recommend this school but it has very good GCSE results and is diverse for the area.
Jan 14, 2021

This school is alright depending on who you are

There is more focus on getting average grades and getting through life. If you are a normal person this school is good for you. If you want a challenge, then maybe not. Some teachers are good and some are bad. Some get worse over time. The students are amazing (depends on your year group thou). Things are getting better so maybe some time later you will find a better review.

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