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Oct 4, 2023

ok school

i'll give them some credit. they do teach good lessons but some teachers just don't care. they give C1's for anything. they are going to build a new school
Jun 21, 2023

Terrible school

terrible school don't send your kids here. My daughter went here and was struggling with anxiety and depression along with some other stuff and the school did not help one bit. Also teachers are talking sh!t behind students backs
Jun 12, 2023

as a former student

They don’t help your mental health or state. The school smells awful and the food isn’t even close too good that the students Mainly eat the packaged stuff, it smells wet and damp and the behaviour system is a mess and no one understands so most do what they want. It needs too get better. The work they give is too high and they expect you too grasp it immediately, when you try too ask for help you either get pushed away if your not the favourite or you get ignored.
Former Student
May 14, 2023

Needs improvement

Not really a good enough school, needs to be better at handling incidents
Apr 14, 2023

Terrible school

This school is awful for behavior and allows children to simply run in the hallways
Feb 11, 2023

Rife with bullying, inadequately managed

Rife with bullying of all form to the extent my disabled son attempted suicide. My daughter is now being bullied and the teachers have done absolutely nothing apart from tell her to “man up” despite her explaining that she is receiving threats of rape and sexual harassment among all other forms of bullying from a particular boy in her class. The boys regularly beat up the girls and the teachers seemingly don’t see anything wrong with that. Emails sent are not acknowledged and are largely not responded to, telephone calls are not returned. It would be a terrible mistake to place any child in what can only be described as a hell hole.
Oct 13, 2021


Hello I am a student at the school and it’s terrible. I am homeschooled because of it but still linked to the school. I have autism and they treated my autism like another money tool. They never looked after me and left us 1 year+ Without contact. Don’t send your child here.
Former Student
Apr 10, 2021

Don’t go here

Very bad environment. The teachers aren’t the best and people with mental illnesses and disorders aren’t dealt with
Jan 27, 2021

Honest review from current student

They are a bad school over all, it’s old and smells damp and the behaviour system is messed up and hard to understand. The work load is high and the teachers help their favourites rather than everyone on a whole.
Former Student
Dec 29, 2020

Don’t even try

Left before year 11 don’t go teachers are useless and kids are mean and bullying isn’t handled
Former Student
Dec 11, 2020

bad school

the worst school, wouldn’t even bother, teachers are awful
Sep 7, 2020

Don’t do it to yourself

Very depressing, awful teachers and overall toxic environment
Aug 22, 2020

Meh it’s average

Bad school go to woodham
Greenfield Way, DL5 7LF, Newton Aycliffe

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