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Aug 22, 2023

Pretty bad

I don't think it deserves 1 star because some teachers are really supportive and nice but doesn't deserve any higher than 2 stars in my opinion. Some of the teachers honestly just suck. It's so unfair all they do is pick on certain students for no particular reason. This and the dresscode is horrible. Detentions for wrong sock colours or untucked shirts? Way too extreme. Students get bullied all the time and all the school does is stick up for the bullies and if a kid defends themself then they get told off meanwhile the bully gets off Scott free. Not naming any names but some teachers are just outright sexist to boys. With phrases like "boys can't be trusted" and "it's mainly the boys that do this" and it's like, well thank you but that's irrelevant. I'm so glad I don't have long left at the school tbh
Former Student
Apr 15, 2022

Great school, really sets you up for sixth form.

Great school, year 7 to 11. Teachers really encourage you to do your best and there is always someone you can talk to if you have any problems. Almost every teacher was class! I'd like to point out Mr. Townsend and Mr. Reed in particular for having a love for learning and they really serve me up for college. Great school.
Mar 28, 2022

Mad parent

school teachers are the bullies
yr 7 teacher is on a power trip threatening kids with detention at every opportunity
and you wonder why the mental health is the way it is when you have job worth's as teachers VILE SCHOOL
Aug 30, 2021

My review

This is an amazing school. Great teachers who push you to be your best. Of course you're not always going to like every single teacher but they are all amazing. I was bullied online and the school dealt with it straight away and really well. Would recommend this school to anyone and everyone.
Former Student
Dec 3, 2020

Decent school

Pretty decent school finished here back in 2018. Some rules were v stupid like i skipped class and went home and got a Saturday detention over it which seemed extreme. But there was some real supportive teachers and real nice people. There was some d**khead teachers but thats like any school
Dec 1, 2020

Awful, had to leave

I get bullied really bad and they don't do anything about it

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