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May 7, 2024

opportunities to make the most of school life

Through enrichment in the form of extra-curricular activities, alongside support in lessons, Heathfield Knoll School has given me the opportunities to make the most of school life and to be the best version of myself that I can be. The rigorously challenging and fun academic activities have helped to stretch me both mentally and physically. Since I have been at this school, I have become more confident, matured both mentally and physically, had some very valuable lessons on acceptance, life and endurance, but most importantly, Heathfield Knoll has given me the courage to take mt knowledge and skills into the world and help make the changes that are much needed in an ever-changing society, to occur.
May 7, 2024

Forever grateful.

My son has always had the ability to achieve great things but in previous school this was not harnessed. At a challenging time in his teenage years, he moved schools and joined Heathfield Knoll, the school took a risk but they saw more than the teenage bravado, they saw behind the insecurities, the damaged self- esteem and the lack of self-belief that had been so deep routed by previous education settings.

The school embraced his dynamic personality and channelled his energy and intelligence, they saw the BOY and held him through, which I have no doubt, not many other schools could have. They took him to the finish line, helped him achieve good grades, they helped build his sense of self and taught him that authority could be trusted and isn't always abused.

For some reason, the GCSE milestone seemed bigger than necessary and perhaps the most important of many milestones. He's certainly one you will wonder about in years to come, that is, unless he's a household name.

Forever grateful.
May 2, 2024

Lovely school. Highly recommend *****

My son has recently left Heathfield Knoll School and loved his time there. He had so many amazing opportunities, silver D of E, fabulous trips to Spain, France, London. He experienced loads of success in sports teams especially rugby and reached the nationals in athletics. For a small school they do so well in sports. His GCSE results were so much better than he’d have got elsewhere thanks to the class sizes and brilliant teachers. We still have friends with children there who are also thriving. Would highly recommend.
Feb 6, 2024


Bullying is part of the school culture, the SEN children are segregated from the rest of the school & EHCP's requirements are not implemented. We had serious concerns about safeguarding for our children. If your child has SEN's or is sensitive avoid at all costs. If they are a high achiever, you could do a lot better. Quality of teaching is very poor.
May 26, 2022

Your just another brick in the wall!!

This school puts its image and reputation above all else, including the welfare of the children. The staff lack basic training and professional boundaries. This led to my daughter occurring physical and psychological injuries within this school. The senior staff, who should have known better knew of the physical injuries which occurred within the school grounds but promised not to tell parents or the correct authorities. Once found out the same staff lied about the fact they overstepped all professional boundaries and proceeded to whitewash their failings. This included all senior staff members and one senior governor.
Throughout my daughter's time at this school, not once did she receive anything that was listed in her EHCP. The SEND team had to step in and remind them of their legal obligations to provide everything listed in the EHCP. They still refused to provide anything listed and stood by they do not have to as they are a private school. They think it is acceptable to charge £40k per year and to only offer small class sizes and bribe the children so you think they are having a great time there.
If you are reading this and your child attends the Connect base ask for physical proof that the school is providing what is listed in your child's EHCP. If you are thinking about sending your child here please research for yourself and ask for everything in writing. You may also wish to ask how many children has been entered for GCSE's that attended the Connect base. If you think your child will be automatically entered for GCSE's like at a mainstream school think again. How do you think their grades are high, its because if your child isn't guaranteed a Grade 4 or above they won't even enter them for it, leaving your child without any formal qualifications.
If you think oh this child went to the Connect base and this won't happen to the main school, think again it's all the same staff who failed and covered up abuse of my daughter. If this review is still up it means the school haven't been able to get it removed as everything I have listed above is correct and I can provide proof of exactly what went on and why I removed had my daughter from this school.
Most of their other reviews are from either staff members or Governors. This review is true and unbiased from an actual parent.
*Note to School. I would loved to have been able to communicate directly via email with yourselves but as the Headmaster requested I don't make any contact with his school, you left me with no other options but to warn others of my experiences so they can make their own opinions. I know you are trying your best to conduct another whitewash by blocking me and trying to delete my reviews, unfortunately you are just making me more determined, the truth always prevail!! Please read the other review who is also experiencing a similar experience to ours.

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