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Sep 2, 2023

Average school with less-than-average staff.

Henry Beaufort is - and excuse my wording here - literal crap.

Henry Beaufort might seem all selective and posh from the outside, but it is truly the worst school I have seen. They only have 3-5 dedicated, truly good teachers out of the 119 members of staff, the headteacher is probably one of the worst there. The “call it out” system isn’t helping, but rather making any bullying cases worse, “don’t call it out or you’ll be a snitch” has become the threat.
A lot of the teachers are either homophobic, sexist or ableist, teachers saying things like “Oh I’m so dyslexic” if they cannot spell a word right, despite not being dyslexic.

Some of the teachers are also quite shouty, one actually having sworn in the classroom, another spending 5 minutes kicking a door open to try and prove a student was guilty of pushing the glass out of a door, which was later resolved as an accident.

Mental health is talked about a lot, yet only a few teachers actually care about mental health, this excludes the headteacher and deputy head.
The few nice teachers who actually care are amazing however, and are supportive of students who are struggling with their mental health or family situation.

Education here is and is only average.
Jun 22, 2023

Great supportive school

Both of my kids go here and I have nothing but praise
Jun 8, 2023

Purely Terrible

Overall quality of the school is terrible, several factors contribute to this. I am finishing my time at Beaufort and I could not be happier to leave. Beaufort pressures students to take subjects that try do not want to for GCSE, they only reward the select few students who are highly outgoing. The facilities are terrible, and I doubt it is due to underfunding. Teachers often are inadequate (Most notably the maths department and the English department), though there are a few very good teachers, typically found it the Languages and Humanities departments. The social setting of the school has depreciated since the COVID-19 pandemic, with a lack of seating for students to eat lunch properly (There used to be tables in the bistro, but these are now unused). Furthermore, the site itself is one of the bleakest, soviet-esque grey buildings, which themselves will help to depress you that bit more. The current headteachers is totally incompetant, with no understanding of compassion or professionalism. The student body is poorly represented by the student council, which is unable to present issues to the Student Leadership Team, due to meetings only four times annually. There is an awful lot wrong with this school, though I don't want to make this review too long. So some highlights also include, overall poor behaviour, ineffective anti bullying policies, lack of mental health support, lack of encouragement for academic subjects, lack of social opportunities. To summarise, I have had a terrible experience here, and if you are a parent I would strongly reccomend that you do not send a child here, especially if your child is academic or high achieving. Before j came here I was a happy child, and now I am about to leave as a scarred, depressed, anxious person who has regretted all of the last five years of my life.
Nov 24, 2022


bad. really bad.

terrible. dont go here.
Oct 28, 2022

bad school

extremely horrid dont help with bullying
Oct 27, 2022


worst school ever, dont send children here
Oct 21, 2022


Henry Beaufort Is Absolutely Tragic

Worst school in existance. Teachers dont help in any situations incluidng bullying or many other serious situations. For example, if someone gets bullied and they get punched, it starts a fight or multiple fights. If the person getting bullied fights back they get suspended, however the bully doesnt get any form of punishent. This has happened to me 8 times before and I know multiple people including some friends that are having the same situation as I am currently experiencing. Myself and many other autistic people and special needs people do not feel safe as many teachers have grudges against them for no particular reason at all. I know a girl, who i think is in year 11, who absolutely hates the school and has seen a major dip in mental health issues and is in serious depression and the school does nothing about her situation. I recently went in for a meeting and the person/teacher i felt mainly most unsafe with was going to be in that meeting and i was devestated and was having a mini panic attack, as i walked out since the safety is not at this school. They say they are autistic friendly and special needs friendly, however they are the opposite. Teachers follow you and peer pressure you into saying things that you dont want to say and it usualy has a bad effect on your mental health. Do not send your children to this school unless you want them to have depression or be destructed and made feel extremly upset by teachers and students accross the school site.
Oct 20, 2022

Horrid School

Horrid. Worst school in existance.
Oct 20, 2022


Henry beaufort is one of the worst schools to ever exist

Absolutely terrible. Teachers follow you for no reason at all and make you feel severly unsafe. Myself and at least 5 other people i know have felt this way because of these situatuions. Bullying doesnt matter to them as they dont punish the kid that starts the fights, as the punish onky the victim. 7 people have tried to beat me up (students) and every single time the teachers do nothing about it. Recently, i got hit in the face and i went running after the person and i didnt get them. They recived no sanction, however i was suspended for 5 days. They say they are autistic friendly, however they are the complete opposite. I know a girl in year11 who is depressed and some of the teachers dont do anything. It is very rare you can find a teacher out of all of them in the school that has high teaching qualities, are nice and makes you feel welcome, wanted and safe. Dont send you rchildren to this school.
Sep 29, 2021

don’t go here

the reason i want to pass away, nearly all of the the pupils and teachers are selfish and annoying. don’t go there if you aren’t prepared to have to do everything yourself with practically no support or attention from teachers. nothing is ever explained properly and the homework load is extremely unreasonable. the way they operate is extremely unorganised and unfair
Sep 2, 2021

It's pretty good

I have quite enjoyed my time here, most of the teachers are very friendly though there is a problem with how the school handles discrimination and bullying, and their overall attitude to these subjects, it seems that the students do more work on these than the actual school. I have enjoyed my time throughly though and made lots of friends, it definitely has its problems but any school does and I am proud to be representing my school.
Aug 22, 2021

The Henry Beaufort

The school is amazing. They push you to achieve the best you can and be the best you can. All the staff are really supporting. But there is quite a big problem with bullying and prejudice.
Jun 18, 2021


finishing 1st year of this school, has been amazing, love the teachers, but i dont think the teachers can handle some students
Former Student
Apr 2, 2021

My experience

I really enjoyed my experience here and miss it so much. The teachers genuinely cared about me and did all they could to help me. However I believe they needed to do more to sort out bullying and discrimination.
Feb 3, 2021

Absolutely terrible

Everything to do with this school is terrible. This school is one of the few causes of my depression and why I want to end it so much.
Nov 29, 2020

A Truly Fantastic Experience

Beaufort is an incredible school to attend, offering an inclusive social environment whilst also providing your child with enough support and expertise in order to allow them to achieve their fullest potential. As we say, "Believe and Achieve"
East Woodhay Road, SO22 6JJ, Winchester

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