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horrible. hate it

Student · April 12, 2021
Student · April 12, 2021
i really really hate this school... the teachers are ignorant and shouts a lot... they want you to open up about something that’s private but ends up telling other teachers and our parents as well. the teachers are strict thats why the students act like that but they don’t do anything but say its fine or they just ignore you..... i hate this and i wish i could move school or not go at all.. it’s making my anxiety bad

Bad school

Former Student · January 6, 2021
Former Student · January 6, 2021
Lots of kids are caught with weed and classrooms are always messy and need refurbished

This school sucks

Student · December 25, 2020
Student · December 25, 2020
I hate this school. Its old, its teachers ignore any poor behaviour and ignore good behaviour as well. They are rude and try and force you to do things you don't want to do. The schools one way system makes everything harder to do and makes your life more difficult. Im leaving this school as soon as I can and I would recommend everyone else to as well. People have already started leaving because of how it is there. Its like a prison.
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Student · November 21, 2020
Student · November 21, 2020
I hate it here. Everybody is horrible to eachother and half the people are depressed but nothing is done to help them. I’ve skipped school because going there really brings me down and makes me with I wasn’t here.
Ty Brown

Would highly recommend this fantastic school.

Student · October 20, 2020
Student · October 20, 2020
Would definitely recoomend this school. Absolutely amazing, has a wonderful welcome and homely feel. The old buildings may put some people off but once you properly experience the school its fantastic in all senses. The staff are so helpful and understanding. The school is very good at dealing with unexeptable behaviour in an organised and professional manner. Any student who is able to study here is lucky and privilleged. Personally i believe that this school is much better than the alternate secondary options in the area.
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