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May 4, 2023


I currently go to this school and all I can say is if you respect yours or your children’s education DONT GO HERE! personally I believe that the school is actually quite good it’s definitely not the best but its alright. The big problem is teachers and students. There are never enough teachers for lessons! I’d say about 50% or more of my teachers have either left this school or are currently leaving. It’s quite obvious why they are leaving ( poor pay, no one wants to teach anymore and the school budget is terrible!) I was starting my GCSEs in one subject and that subject had become very important but my teacher had left due to not liking the school anymore ( she was a terrible teacher anyways she couldn’t keep the class under control or teach for 💩) I had missed almost 7-8 weeks of important gcse learning and instead of preparing for exams (WHICH DETERMINES YOUR WHOLE LIFE) we where copying down textbook work and had around 10-15 different supply teachers who wouldn’t tell us their names, would shout and send you out of the class if you made a noise and where only there for the money!
Im extremely behind on my education as I never have teachers supporting me! The teachers at htc do not care about you or your education and they look bored and un-enthusiastic every single lesson. I honestly can’t rember the last time I Learnt anything life changing from these lessons!
Unless you are loud and popular teachers don’t care about you. Im rather quite and it’s obvious by looking in my books that I struggle with learning and yet NO teachers ask me if Im alright with the work and they leave me to struggle in silence. And yes I know I need to ask for help but you can’t expect everyone to be confident in themselves to ask for help and a their job as a teacher is to help the students which they can’t do!
I’m honestly considering being homeschool but with 2 parents who work full time I don’t think I’ll be able too. Save yourself the hassle of moving schools and do not go here.
Former Student
Oct 19, 2022

The worst possible place to send your child

Okay- here me out- I have literally just left this school and I'm currently homeschooling as this school has literally given me thee worst mental health and SH problems- and let me tell you that they do not care about your child- if you send your child here- within days your child will be blagging sickness to have days off- so they don't have to deal with this horrible school. Self harm is gonna happen, and it has a massive impact on there life- the teachers do not care about bullying and horrible people, it gets to the point that your child wants to leave the world- I wish I could give this zero stars- but please please PLEASE for your own sake- don't try- I've just left- going to cowplain- thanks for reading
Sep 10, 2022

Bad experience

My child is now 21 and still suffers from PTSD due to bullying at this school....the bullying policy is appalling.....not fit for purpose. It also seems that if you are gifted and talented or really bad...that its the only way you are respected by the school.
You have some amazing teachers working there but the head teacher is not very personable and isn't that involved with the students. Also they will try to sell you the school as having excellent support for SEN kids.....they have...the LSAs are amazing but the funding is not there to deliver what they promise.Please reconsider this is not the best.
Former Student
Jun 11, 2021


Right I’ve had to drop out of education bc of this school, the bullying and the care for people’s mental well being is actually appalling to the point it’s given me ptsd and depression

The councillor is awful, she will brush everything off as anxiety and call it a day, while allowing other students to spread rumours and talk badly of other people, the education is appalling and they will only cater to people who have a loud enough voice to annoy them.

I had been threatened death in some cases by some students who actually have tried to strangle to death an individual just for being annoying, and they did nothing about it.

And lastly instead of teaching actual life skills all they did was shove lgbt down my throat. I’m fully for lgbt being taught in schools, but not to a degree where I never got taught how to do basic life skills that I need.
Jan 25, 2021

I mean, if you value your education...

I mean, I’ve got good grades, but my mental health has declined so rapidly. The amount of bullying and strain really is an issue. They seem to have no regard for your mental health at all, and upon seeking help there, I was told to just “be happy”. If I am clearly exhausted, physically or mentally, I am still shouted at for “slacking”, and have to stay up until 3am doing homework set at the last minute, or that we have too much of. In lockdown I don’t even have any of my books because I can’t get them, and they haven’t given ant opportunities to retrieve these. I was given a detention when the bus was late because apparently that meant I was at fault, and i think that’s ridiculous because it’s a school bus and how could it possibly be my fault. We seem to have Victorian era rules, like you can’t show your ankles at any point, no running or having fun, no eating hot food outside the cafeteria. On the subject of cafeteria, it’s packed and there is no seats free, so even if I did get hot food I couldn’t have it. And I’ve been told “there is enough seating”, well maybe there is enough seats, but friend groups don’t want you crashing there conversations or sitting next to them. The popular kids are absolutely nasty, and I have been called slurs too many times to count. I could say so many other things about this place, but to be honest I think that says enough. If you value your education go here, but remember to forget about having a stable mental health, a relationship that you can be open about, ankles, a seat at lunch, transport to school, sleep, support

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