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Aug 23, 2023

School review

Alright school but it has its faults
Jul 11, 2023

My overall review

amazing school honestly I never would’ve thought it would be. The students are super smart and they do not disturb anyone. They treated the transition year 6s amazing ! it is a good place and has amazing well being service. All the teachers seem fine and all reports are mostly expected (good.) the food is lovely but I must say some of the prices are absolutely ridiculous 😂.
Former Student
May 17, 2023

don't send your kid here

if your child is part of the lgbtqia+ community, is neurodivergent, has mental health issues, has social anxiety, or is just a bit shy or different, do not send you child to hove park. they will get bullied. the school food is okay, the teachers vary from a few cool teachers, a lot of very boring ones, and a few mean/very strange ones. hallways are very chaotic and you will definitely have at least one injury from people pushing into other people in the hallways by the end of each term. the break and lunch times are short (as is for most schools). there is a friend group for most people but sometimes not. there is few nice students/members of staff at the school. if you have an issue there is very low chance of it getting fixed within a month or even getting fixed at all. they do not let you express yourself in any way. i went to this school for overall a bad school.
May 12, 2023

Its alright!

They dont really care what the teachers do. One of the suppkys walked around on their phone while teaching a class. They give so much homework and you gave to line up to eat. Food is expensive and they say they care about bullying but they dont! Its a alright school and they have things to do and it can be fun but if you have the good friends.
May 8, 2023


Food is okay but very expensive. The toilet rule is absolutely ridiculous and they tend to be dirty.Education is good. And uniform is nice.
Former Student
Aug 31, 2022

A very good school which gave me incredible results

Very good and one of the most diverse schools in the whole of the country.
Very supportive with exams and are incredible with supporting people with disabilities.
May 7, 2022

Ehhhhhh shit

Shit. Some of the pupils gave me bullshit for being a part of the lgbtq+ community and some are very rude. Food is fine i guess I’m but not for the price fr so expensive and they don’t even have radnor fizz anymore like god
Feb 22, 2022

Former Student gcse

Get better

It. Is absolutely not a good place to be it wrecks students mental health to the point one of my classmates hasn’t been in in like three months and I only see her once every while
Former Student
Feb 17, 2021

Former Student gcse

Excellent review of hove park secondary school

It’s really supported with mental health and young people and the lessons are educating and fun at the same time. All the staff and teachers are lovely. The building is old but unique. I would recommend this school to anyone who’s looking to put there child in, in September.

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