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Feb 26, 2024

Don't send your child to this school

Terrible support for SEN children. Disgusting senior leadership team who bully the children and don't listen to parents. The actions of this school have caused us deep dispair as a family and damaged our child's mental health.
Oct 1, 2023

Personality crushing dictatorship regime!

This school has massively gone down hill since its become an academy. Its more like a regime than a school. Children punished and made to sit for hours in silence copying out of a book for looking out the window or smiling at some one. Teachers who are made to follow the rules or told they will loose their jobs. Being constantly watched in lessons, taking all the fun out of a job they once loved. My child absolutely hates school now and is suffering with severe anxiety. Iam all for discipline but this school is extreme and doesn't care about the welfare of its students one bit. If you're thinking of sending your child here please research the CEO and the director of Education for Athena trust. This dictatorship goes far deeper than some realise and I fear more is on its way. Our children matter!
Aug 5, 2023

bad school

lc is shit i got called a carrot by the teachers
Jun 30, 2023

launceston college

get this school shut down forever

people send my son into refection for only dropping his pen . he was in reflection for a full day for dropping his pen and this college needs to be shut down and everyone who is annoyed with this plz make this school to close down forever
Jun 25, 2023

the awful punishment system

school is very strict whether u think this is a good thing or a vid thing it doesn’t do great for students mental health students are skipping lessons or eather not coming into school at all this as only started happing veering since we got the new CEO with a load of stupid rules . whether you do the slightest thing wrong like getting to lesson a few minutes late or skip lesson you will get the same punishment it’s so over the top and you have to miss 2 lessons and a break for the slightest thing not only are we missing out on our education some students enjoy reflection as it’s not so stressful and you get to miss lessons. do come to launceston college it’s shit
Jun 7, 2023


Awful school. Don’t send your children here. Loads of bullying and loads of lice infestation. Stay away
Jun 5, 2023

Shit school!

Punishment doesn't match the crime. You only have to sneeze lose 2 hours of learning and a break!
Only worried about appearances and statistics
No consistency eg 1 teacher tells you you can do something, then another sees you doing it and you go to reflection. Emails are sent home about this that and the other then the teachers don't follow those rules anyway.
Lunch time is only 20 minutes and not at lunch time
Not enough time to use the toilets inbetween lessons (kids are timed) and then the queues for food means you can't do both at breaks and have time to eat properly and have a little chill. Emails all say NO one will ever be refused toilets breaks, yet they always are....... girls left to leak when on their period rather be allowed to nip to the loo!
Socks are distracting......
Setting the kids up for work life, well I've never worked anywhere where I'd have to follow the rules school have set up........ teachers don't even follow the same rules, eg jumpers on at all times, no shorts, black socks only.
They openly lie and when caught out with proof just ignore you
Demanding money from parents when they've just bought a property they rent out. And paying the 'CEO' (making it a business NOT a school) hundreds of thousands each year! Yet can't provide kids with pens if needed (and if they don't have 3 at all times off they go to reflection)
May 10, 2023

do not go here

the skl is bad before new rules i will say it was average but one thing that really blew my mind is how some of the teachers here really don’t care now a video was reported of a launceston college student saying the n word is a racist way which it always is but the teacher/ pastoral who it was reported to laughed at the video and said there was nothing she could do about it!
May 9, 2023


My child is constantly being put in reflection for ridiculous things such as scratching a rash on their arm, and looking out a window. I am aware there has been instances where it was maybe warranted, for example talking when not spoken too, yet most of the time the reasoning is utterly ridiculous. They no longer want to attend school and its a battle every morning, but when the issue has been raised with the school they just say it was warranted. As much as I had hoped that the bad things I'd heard weren't true, it seems to be becoming apparent that they are!
Mar 12, 2023


Hello, my friends mum has said that my friend has cut herself because of this school,it has made her anxiety,social anxiety,depression and her friendships worse. People have been saying unkind words to her and making fun of her twitching . Please do not let your child come here
Feb 28, 2023

Worryingly Bad

This school is being run like it was set in George Orwells 1984. I hear it described by my kids as being like a prison. That’s their honest assessment. One of them is in GCSE year, should be high achieving but I have watched their mental health deteriorate before my eyes, they hate the place so much. Planning to do A-levels but there is no way they would consider doing them at Launceston College. All Launceston College seem to be worried about is their grade average and the method they have chosen to improve this is to bludgeon the kids into submission by imposing ridiculously strict rules about behaviour and what you can and can’t wear. All fine if you’re the sort of kid that unquestioningly follows the rules and keeps your head down, but if you show any sign of individualism or question their authority your life will be hell. Kids sent out of class for looking at a speck of dust, losing eye contact with the teacher, looking out of the window, kids not allowed to engage with the teachers during class – absolute silence at all times, I could go on describing some of the things I have heard that goes on. Launceston College is basically being turned into a sausage factory churning out institutionalized compliant kids and is stifling individuality and creativity.
Nov 22, 2022

Excellent school

Great school, completely agree with new rules.
Pupils needed bringing in line.
My child doing fantastically well, they have brought the best out in him.
Please continue to improve the school and ignore the whingers
Nov 10, 2022

Just don't.

Just don't.

Teachers: 4/10

Punishment system: Flick a pencil etc.: Named Reminder. Same again, or less (like having slightly lighter grey socks): Reflection, stuck inside for the whole day, no learning at all. Another reflection: 2-week suspension.

Lessons: 7/10

Breaktimes: 2/10 (20 mins total through 6h day)

Bullying: BAD, ok?

Music and drama are fun though.


Don't be a dipstick.

I should know. I'm a student.
Nov 7, 2022

Crap school

Absolutely a dreadfull school more like a prision camp than a school with there harsh treatment of kids any excuse to put them in reflection in my day detention don't send your kids there they won't be happy my son hates the school I intend to home school him so he a happy lad again this school will mess with your child's mential wellness ...
Nov 6, 2022

Crap collage

The worst school possible don't send your kids there my son loved school until I sent him there they don't even give kids long enough to eat a lunch time meal all they seam to do is put kids in reflection for the most stupid of excuses it's a joke..
Nov 6, 2022

Crap school

Total shit school the new c e o is a jerk its a school not a business not enough time for kids to eat a lunch time meal its more like a prision camp stupid rules that go over the top im looking at moving my son ASAP don't ever send your children there .
Nov 6, 2022

Crap school

Crap school not enough time for kids to eat lunch its a total joke ill be looking at putting my son elsewhere wonder if the usless c e o has a 30 min dinner break with 15 to 20 mins spent lining up then ten mins to eat a meal total joke
Sep 14, 2022

We love LC 💅

Such a good School
Defo worth going there for 1 second and leaving. 🤭🤡💅
Sep 14, 2022

School is now a Joke 🤡

Launceston College is now a horrible toxic place to be. They are just having a laugh now. We have new rules (Sep 22)which are stup1d, we have to keep our eyes on the teachers whenever they are speaking, we have to read with rulers, read a book in Tutor. If we don't pay attention to the teachers like looking out of a window or dropping a pen etc TRIAGE. In this week there has been over 50 kids in triage in a DAY, also suspending children for the simplest things. All pupils at the college are now feeling like there in a PRISON, also feeling that they cant be CHILDREN. I am so disappointed with this school especially when it comes to helping children with there mental health.
Please think before sending your children to hell
Sep 14, 2022

don’t go

bad don’t go it’s hell and a prison 🙏🙏 wish everyone luck who still goes there
Sep 13, 2022

They are children!

I understand that schools need rules but the disproportionate penalties for minor indiscretions are absolutely a major cause of concern.
Sep 9, 2022

Please think twice before coming here

I genuinely hope this place burns to the ground within my lifetime. I started my college life here getting the highest SAT grades in the entire year. I ended with severe depression, anxiety and PTSD from the repeated bullying and absolute misery I experienced here over the years. I genuinely lost any interest in education and was repeatedly let down until I essentially ended my college time just after lockdown. I wish more than anything that I could’ve attended any other school. When I reported sexual and psychological bullying to the school, the safeguarding officer put my report on hold to go and change the colour of another students socks. Priorities huh.
Sep 9, 2022

Horrendous military camp

Labelled a school but more a military camp. Must keep eye contact at all time, detentions for dropping a pen..... I could be here for hours writing all the negative things!
Former Student
Jul 22, 2022

LC review

Launceston college review
Jul 21, 2022

So disappointed you might get help if student takes private learning

So disappointed having attended Launceston College myself I sent 3 of my children to this college. My first having brilliant results due to working at home! my other 2 having not received help they should of received have left me with such bad concerns about Launceston College
Former Student
May 2, 2022


I hated it here, I am a young person who suffers with serious depression, Complex PTSD, anxiety and an eating disorder and I was not supported at all, was called a liar and was doubted constantly they he no faith in me and made me want to die in all relatity. Many teachers where rude and homophobic to me in my time here and nothing was done, I suffered from sexual assult from other students and was told I was a liar, I had been beaten up and it was left ignored, this place do not care for the children in their care, I was such a smart promising student and they took that from me. This place is hell and caused me so much pain and sadness. I was so happy to be out of there, even teachers were sexualising young children calling them names ect. It’s disgusting, the support staff are awful, I had suffered physical abuse from a parent and the support leader at Launceston had to take me home and tell my parent to allow me to stay else where until my social worker could evaluate the situation, instead he gets to the door says “watch out she will kick off” for one using my incorrect pronouns which he had been corrected on before and then left me there, I was heartbroken. I had also had multiple interactions with teachers such as in English who called me out on my mental illness and not being able to attended classes and needing to access the support centre in-front of the ENTORE CLASS I was bullied so heavily for it. Teachers are a huge problem as even they are horrible to the kid, my sister even had a teacher call her friend a slag for their makeup which is just a whole new level of wrong, this place is horrible from the food to the support to the equality. Yess some teachers are lovely such as the support staff in ssc but most of them are absolutely disgraceful. Please do not send your kids here, for their sake.
Apr 11, 2022


Mostly good but maths teachers can be annoying . Canteen food is delicious though
Jan 2, 2022

Poor this isn’t even all of it

Education not the best. Assistance in school not the best. Support in mental health and supporting the wellbeing and future of the students are poor. Majority of teachers you can clearly tell don’t enjoy there job and inflicts onto there teaching and therefore the students learning. The multiple rules that are heavily forced feel constricting and when curiously questioned or asked to explain rules like how the grades work or uniform the answers are simple excample ‘It just is that’s how’s it’s been’ or an overly exergerates pointless speech about it that doesn’t answer anything. Due to Covid-19 the windows have to stay open at all times, woth the majority of old poor insulated buildings it gets extremely cold and we are just advised to wear extra layers underneath our uniform, yet when anything but our uniform show it’s against the rules. Also with the bad weather the majority of the one way system (that doesn’t work because when it’s lesson change over all the school have to walk down the same path and with the rain and mud it gets very crammed) the majority of paths have been blocked off due to mud and important hallways have been blocked off as in no student access thai includes the hallway to the pastoral office, IER, and the mental health place. The corridor system is meant to help but doesn’t and makes you late to lesson usually resulting in a punishment without explanation. If a student has behavioural problems Launceston college teachers and staff team don’t like dealing with the students in the proper or right way and just excludes for no reason, resulting in no progress or impact. Just good luck . Oh yeah the food is raw.
Nov 4, 2021

It depends…

The curriculum is decent and so are 50% of the teachers but the rules are ridiculous and terribly enforced.

As a student, I see dozens of pupils with behavioural issues and minds in need of support who simply get parked in other classrooms and sent to isolation because the teachers don’t want to have to deal with them. Some of said students have support staff who claim to assist the student in their learning and ensure that the main teacher doesn’t have to deal with them, disrupting the lesson. However, in reality they tend to stand there and let the student “act out” or they gently ASK them to behave. Some students don’t have these members of staff at all.

As well as this, the uniform rules are absolutely disgraceful. As a girl, I can wear a skirt (with or without tights) but boys are not. In fact, boys aren’t even allowed to wear shorts in the summer. Coats are forbidden in the building (even in the winter when it is cold in classrooms- especially now windows are kept open as a result of COVID-19). Nails are not allowed to be painted and only one set of studded earrings are allowed. What do they think we are going to do? How can an extra hole in each ear and a bit of colour on our nails distract us??

If you are a perfect model student, this may be a good school for you but if you require any support whatsoever, let’s just say that there are other schools around.
Oct 6, 2021

Send your children elsewhere

Great school if your child's face fits if it doesn't they will spend most of there time sent out of class or in detention and the teachers especially *** ****** loves to stick their nose in with things that's none of there business
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