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Feb 8, 2024

Inclusivity Over Education.

It would seem since New head Teacher ,the school has gone down,to many students together at lunch since new times,more fights and girls toilets used to hang about and vape in,toilet paper and degree everywhere.Inclusivity seems to hve taken priority over all the students which is so wrong.All students are SPECIAL not just those who chose to stand out.Such a shame as Levenmouth was starting to come up.R.I.P. another school lost to diversity and inclusion ,and brainwashing.Education seems to hve hone downhill.
Jan 4, 2024

do not go here.

Leven mouth academy is awful. really do not recommend this school i moved to this school in April and honestly I've hated it ever since. The people there take drugs, vape and smoke cigarettes its terrible. also there is tons of bullying but the guidance teachers don't do nothing about it at all. you only get a few teachers who are actually nice but that's only a small handful of them, most of the teachers are rude and unfair. the school also doesn't do nothing at all if you have terrible anxiety or mental health they just really don't care about you at all they act like they do but trust me they don't.
Dec 17, 2023

levenmouths failing educatoin system

Scotland's failing education
Scotland, known for its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant culture, has long prided itself on its commitment to education. However, in recent years, concerns have been raised about the state of Scotland's education system. While there are undoubtedly many strengths, there are also challenges that have led to a perception of a failing system.
One of the major challenges facing Scotland's education system is the ongoing curriculum overhaul. The implementation of the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) aimed to provide a more holistic and flexible approach to learning. However, the rollout has faced criticism for its lack of clarity and consistency. Teachers have struggled to adapt, and there is a perceived lack of support and resources, hindering effective implementation. This has resulted in a potential gap in educational quality and student outcomes.
Another pressing issue is the decline in educational standards, particularly in core subjects such as mathematics and science. International assessments, such as the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), have indicated a drop in Scotland's rankings. This decline raises concerns about the effectiveness of teaching methods, curriculum content, and the overall preparedness of students for higher education and the workforce.
Scotland's education system is also grappling with issues of inequality. There are significant disparities in educational outcomes based on socio-economic backgrounds, geographical locations, and even gender. The attainment gap between students from affluent and deprived areas persists, reflecting a systemic issue that needs targeted interventions and a reevaluation of educational policies.
The shortage of qualified teachers and high turnover rates are additional factors contributing to the challenges in Scotland's education system. The profession faces recruitment difficulties, and many teachers report feeling overwhelmed by increasing workloads and administrative demands. A shortage of experienced educators can negatively impact the quality of instruction and hinder students' learning experiences.
In an era where technology plays a crucial role in education, Scotland faces challenges in ensuring equitable access to digital resources. The digital divide is evident, with some students benefiting from advanced technological tools while others lack access. This technological gap can exacerbate existing inequalities and hinder the development of essential skills for the modern workforce.
While Scotland's education system has a proud history, it is essential to acknowledge and address the challenges it currently faces. The ongoing curriculum changes, declining standards, educational inequality, teacher recruitment issues, and technological gaps all contribute to the perception of a failing system. It is crucial for policymakers, educators, and the community to work collaboratively to implement reforms, provide adequate resources, and prioritise the needs of students to ensure the future success of Scotland's education system. By addressing these challenges head-on, Scotland can reclaim its position as a global leader in education.
Nov 30, 2023

levenmoutj academy

Worst school in fife very Bad Head teacher Sak Ruth mcCfarlin
Oct 25, 2023

Not a bad school

I can't really fault the school my child had a problem the school delt with it.. My child did have teachers that didn't like them but this is life and learned to deal with this fact and kept going! As the teachers that did believe in my child have helped to make my kid who they are today! My kid has so many talents and if it wasn't for the teachers who have helped them to excel and believe in themselves my kid wouldn't be where they are today! Too much negatives about the school ...we need to hear it from all sides.. Thankyou levenmouth academy for the teachers who truly care and teach as it should be!..
Nov 4, 2022


The Senior Leadership Team try their hardest to handle over 1500 students along with 120+ staff, however the expectations are not enforced as well as the amounts of truancy with students going to the front of the school to smoke cigarettes which does not represent the school in a good manner.
Sep 19, 2022


This school maintains little to no discipline within. Students are basically free to do whatever they please on the school grounds with no consequences in action. They are able to freely smoke st the front of the building where visitors and parents of other students are able to see them and overall does not create a good outlook on to the school's reputation.
Apr 21, 2022


Rubbish as some teachers are nice but others not so much kids are too cheeky and rude/bad mannered teachers are also rude
Jan 18, 2022

Poor School

This school is mediocre at best, this is only down to the few selection of good teachers. The way bad behaviour is dealt with is beyond ridiculous, and as I approach my fifth year it seems that the management of Levenmouth Academy show no sign of getting the school under control, the drug use and fights from even students as young as 1st years are ridiculous. The only thing that makes up for this school is the minimal percentage of teachers who can do their job.
Jan 10, 2022

worst school in the world

thay tame us feel like a pice of trash

i gave it one stare out of pitty
Former Student
Oct 19, 2021

Good place if you want your kids to be unhappy

used to go here, learning material/ resources were good and a few great teachers but school is very overcrowded with people that act out and take drugs so teachers cant control it.

the guidance teachers didn't really care about my health or wellbeing at all even though it affected my school life a lot. they only care about your attendance and improving their reputation. I struggled horribly with my disability and mental health issues the entire time and the only teachers who really tried to help me were the ones who weren't allowed to make decisions about it

bullying is ignored a lot and anyone that doesn't go about wearing fake tan or expensive clothes gets treated like a pet by other kids. special needs people are isolated from the other students and treated like they're 5 years old. this school totally ruined my already low self esteem but at least I got good grades right?
Former Student
Sep 28, 2021


Good school, i guess. Yes
Sep 9, 2021


I have attended this school for a few years but haven't enjoyed it. Guidance teaches are useless and the school doesn't have a good reputation. They say that they don't tolerate bullying but do nothing if it happens.
Sep 5, 2021

i mean it’s okay….kinda

i mean it’s okay and some of the teachers are nice it’s just the fact that there are anti bullying posters all around the school saying that “abt racist or homophobic behaviour will be punished immediately” most teacher won’t bat an eye at homophobic or racist comments made in a classroom, but god forbid you’re harmlessly chewing gum.

also the hypocrisy of teachers telling you to “put your mask up fully” , which don’t get me wrong you should have ur mask up at all times, but their. mask is hanging off their chins.

also the teachers are just crabbit and nippy. only good thing is that the schools near enough some places to eat at lunchtimes
Sep 27, 2020

Don't go here

I would not recommend this school I have seen people take ecstasy, weed and even valium at Levenmouth Academy also one teacher had thrown a pupil into the door because he said she was using her computer to look at pornography also I have seen teachers start shouting and swearing at pupils for not producing enough work and many pupils act disrespectful and threatening towards the teachers who do try their best
Aug 30, 2020

don’t recommend

it’s okay i suppose but my experience in general hasn’t been good, guidance does nothing about bullying, teachers let students get away with homophobia and bullying in the classrooms, they care more about their reputation than being criticised, they’d rather tell a student to take their hoodie off than deal with a student who is being bullied.
Methilhaven Road, KY8 1HL, Buckhaven
01592 583118

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