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Nov 20, 2020

Humiliating experience

Unfortunately, my first interaction with Leverstock Green CE Primary School, it was humiliating for me as a mother. One morning I dropped my 2.5-year-old boy to the nursery, which unfortunately is placed on the same premises as this school. There is only one gate entrance for both institutes, and parents are allowed to use the nursery’s car park from 8:00 to 8:30, this means to drive in and out that car park within this time interval. I was not aware of this rule as the nursey I registration with for a short time has never sent any kind of ground rules when emailed the registration documents. Yes, there are signs on the gate as vehicles access and timing on the gates, and I do not know where else, but I have never seen them as being in a rush, and those gates are always open when I get there, so I have never seen them.

One morning I was late, as in exiting a few minutes after 8:30, and the man is charged with the gates, moved the cone slightly from the middle for a small car to pass in, and then he wanted me to pass through the same gap, I tried but I could not as I have a large car. He immediately got annoyed and shouting at me “Ohhh for fuck sake just pass.” I tried to explain to him that I am allowed to drop my kid at the nursery. As an answer, he goes to me “Shut up and move along if you don’t like it complain to the head office!” it sounded like it is not the first time to behave like this and the school’s head office would find this acceptable with no consequences involved.

Well, I was right to say it sounded like it is not the first time to behave like this with no consequences. Because when I sent the complaint letter to the headteacher, explaining that every employee represents the school and this man should offer support and guidance to the parents, not humiliation and disrespect. She wrote: “there were two witnesses (by that she should have said, two employees of the school) and both assure her that the caretaker did not swear at any point; they felt he spoke to you directly and firmly but not rudely.”

She played the witnesses card instead of taking responsibility to apologise. After all, that was all that was need it, an apology and speak with your staff about such behaviour. Before to have this experience, I registered my son with their school’s nursery for next year in September. Now, seeing their set of mind, I do not want anything to do with this school!

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