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Nov 1, 2022

Nursery has left me stranded

The nursery teachers are incompetent and have left ne without a school for both my children who have learning difficulties and need to be at a school. Bieng twins they are not learning anything from each other who both dont speak. We applied 2 years early and was told we were the first to apply and now 2 months before the term time they say they dont have spaces and i had to call them up. They said they prioritise by first come first serve so if i applied first why havent my kids got in. The manager i spoke to had spaces but she gave my kids forms to the other manager who says she doesnt have spaces even though i applied 2 years ago. Why was my forms passed on and why wasnt i informed and why cant they go in april if january is full. I applied in 2021 for 2023 and they were shcoked i had it in so early and i told them how important it was for nw to get these two in at the sane school at age 3. The manager didnt even apologise. She had no explanation other than a staff member down which doesnt matter as my children should have got in as we applied when there were no other applications. They have left me so stressed i feel like my heart and and head is going to explode. I have 2 months to find a place for my twins that is not too far so i can get to work also. They have left me in a very difficult situation due to poor practice and this shouldnt happen to anyone.
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