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Important safe guarding issues *please read*

December 26, 2020
December 26, 2020
I went to this school and there i met mr Christopher wood who I witnessed buying Cocaine from a drug dealer, local to Guisborough a while ago, this is genuinely the truth. He also drinks and smokes with ex students outside the weather-spoons pub with ex students under 18 who he knows are 16 and 15 ( they have fake ids) and he didn’t inform the pub which is a safeguarding issue as the 15 year old he was seen with was still at the school. The school is awful for your mental health there is about 5 good understanding teachers in the school and the rest are obviously going through some personal stuff outside of school which is fine but they take their anger out on students.

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24 Bow Street, TS14 6BP, Guisborough