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Apr 5, 2024

A comment on a Teacher's Classroom

A certain Science Teacher's classroom feels like North Korea
Former Student
Jun 30, 2023

wouldn’t recommend

overall my perception of school and education was changed after attending this school, from something i enjoyed to something i dreaded. the staff there (with very few exceptions) definitely crossed boundaries and also took favour to particular students. i previously got accused of being places and doing things that i weren’t at all involved in (even to a point where i wasn’t even in on the day something would happen) which also affected home life as the school is very quick to call parents over solveable issues. there are some pathetic rules that are enforced so much so where it comprises your learning if not obeyed. the school has so much potential in terms of its recourses and few good teachers but that gets thrown away at the hands of power hungry teachers
Oct 12, 2022


Please sort out the bullies. I am seriously considering movi ng my child to another school because the headmaster and year heads are doing nothing about the bullying at this school. The parents of the bullies are getting Involved and harassing the vi ctims and their families now!!!
Sep 27, 2022

Bullying again

Bullying g still a major problem, school has do ne nothi ng to help!!! Weve had to resort to reporting everything to the police!
Sep 21, 2022


The school seems to favour the bullies or are frightened of them and their parents because they do nothing to resolve the problem. They put the victims of bullying iin isolation to "protect" them and for safeguarding but do nothing about the bullies at all, they should be excluded from the school..! WHY is nothing g being g done???
Sep 16, 2022


Bullying is a very big problem at this school especially year 7 and 8! The school doesnt seem to be a ble to handle it an d do nothing to resolve it...
Former Student
Oct 7, 2021

Mega Oof

This school is in touch with it’s students the same way an excessively overweight man is in touch with his toes.
Great creative subjects, but good luck finding any motivation from a Maths/Science teacher- and congratulations if you get any respect from 90% of the management here.
Former Student
Jun 9, 2021


Was good but is definitely falling down the hole.

Started off ok. More and more of the good teachers leave and we are left with sarcastic layabouts. A few good ones are there still though. If you are lucky. It’s the lesser of evils considering the rest in the area. School is meant for improvement. The whole time I was there my grades only dropped - so did many of my friends.

Still, considering this is a fairly good area I can’t imagine what others go through. So much funding yet nothing in return. So be content knowing this is the best option you have.
May 12, 2021

********** school and unequal rights!

this school is **********. saying it’s girls faults they have to hold their skirts down whilst walking up stairs, they wouldn’t have to if they felt comfortable at the school. instead of worrying about what people feel comfortable wearing maybe focus on fixing your staff. don’t hire perverts and then there wouldn’t be a problem. i don’t recommend anyone going to this school. absolutely vile. and apologising to the males for them looking at females bottoms and not being able to keep their eyes to themselves!! and you try to say there’s equal rights at your school? yes clearly not.
May 9, 2021

Blame victims for sexual harassment.

Instead of dealing with predators they blame the victims, in this case, girls wearing skirts. I can understand a dress code but you should never blame a victim of what is clearly sexual harassment. A YouTube video was posted (since deleted but shared on other platforms) apologising to the boys that they have to deal with girls skirt length and the girls “should expect the comments they receive” which is essentially telling girls to deal with it and it’s their fault. Apsoloutly fucking appalling.
Apr 24, 2021

One of the worst schools ever come across

This school has a disgusting system of victim blaming and allow their male students to harass and assault the female students when wearing skirts. Instead of punishing the male students responsible the posted an appalling video (which has now been deleted) on YouTube from the schools own channel about how the female students need to make their skirts longer to stop tempting the boys into assaulting them. This is wrong on every level.
To blame teenage female CHILDREN for the males students not being able to control themselves is beyond shocking and despicable. Short skirts are never an invitation to grope or make sexual comments about a girl, especially underage girls. Reading all the other review on here and other places about how the school allows smoking, drug dealing, fighting and derogatory teachers to belittle students, all to take place on their grounds.. this place needs to be permanently shut down.
Mar 17, 2021

Yr 10 child

Bad school

Would give zero stars for this school. Bullying is terrible and teachers try to get rid of the victims rather than the perpetrators. They try to cover up what’s really happening in terms of bullying. The children are left unsupervised at break times and there are children selling and smoking drugs on school grounds. There is a huge safeguarding issue within the school, pupils are not protected from harm, it is an abusive environment. Teachers close ranks whenever challenged about their conduct towards children. Just because the school looks nice does not mean it is a good school, look beneath the surface and you’ll soon find the ugly cracks. If you want your child to grow into a healthy minded young person then avoid this school at all costs!
Jan 16, 2021

Hate it

Terrible, most of the teachers pick on one group off children, they are all so sarcastic and you can tell that they don’t really care about the children, they hand our exclusions like anything and most of the deputy’s are snobs and pick on people. Only a few good teachers. Head teacher is a bore. And your not even allowed inside even through the teachers are. Please do not send your child here because they do not support their students one bit
Oct 22, 2020


I've been at the school for 4 years now and I hate it. There is good days and bad days but mostly bad.
This is due to the teachers. They expect us to act like adults but treat us like children.
Sep 20, 2020

Great considering rest of area

While other schools like Carter are improving, they are no match for Lytchett. Although, drinking less poison is still drinking poison. A lot of the teachers are overly sarcastic and don’t seem to take their job seriously. There are some great teachers though that really do brighten the environment. It’s just a shame the bad ones are never really held accountable. It’s like if you are a teacher it is a guaranteed public job and there is no real way parents can directly decide or for teachers or schools to compete to give a better education to the payer or taxpayer. Maybe this is less of a criticism of lytchett but instead the whole U.K. education system. Sweden has a voucher system which holds teachers accountable and good teachers are actually recognised for their effort. Hopefully one day, like footballers teachers will be treated the same in the market. Public celebrities.
Former Student
Sep 20, 2020

Great School!

I LOVED THIS SCHOOL!!! It is a great friendly school, the teachers are really supportive and put lots of effort in the care for you and they make sure you have a great time! I enjoyed every day I went there! It has outstanding facilities that’s could cater for everyone overall I would really recommend!
Sep 14, 2020

Pretty good

Got kicked out but was pretty good tbh enjoyed it

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