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Former Student
May 3, 2023

Fails to deal with bullying effectively

The school fails to deal with bullying effectively.
Mar 4, 2023

Not good school to go to do not sort out bullying

Not a gd school at all all they think about is putting ppl in reflection which does not help at all
They should sort out bullying etc
School has gone down hill
Nov 6, 2022

It needs work but could be worse

it is an alright school as far as school go but there are some MAJOR flaws that the school need to assess as it can really ruin the schooling experience and how the students value the school
1- they have a "No-bullying" policy and respond to billy well for SOME students but the treatment is not far and the help is very hard to access which results in a lot of bullying being swept under the rug and students get hurt as a result of this.
2- the teachers don't teach the students equally. There are a lot of teachers that will try and help the students wherever possible but there are many that would rather argue with the students and put them down rather than aid them and help them to succeed.
3- the uniform regulation only affects the girls in the school, girls will get picked up for wearing Jean style trouser but the males can get away with it and much worse. The same goes for jewellery.
4- the teachers will answer phone calls while teaching but the students cannot discretely check the time during the lesson while they have finished the work which not only disrupts the learning but shows an unprofessional approach to discipline.
5- the equipment, especially computers, are out of date and damaged which means that lessons requiring the computers or other broken equipment cannot always be conducted as smoothly as needed for the lessons to be effective
6- the students (including myself) get punished for trying to help other students when they don't understand and teachers refuse to help them which only sets in the idea that they shouldn't help others which goes against the school morals.
7- the open space classrooms are ineffective when there are people on break as the volume of children on break disrupts the learning and makes the lessons unteachable. Furthermore, if there are students using the water fountains, toilets, or hand dryers the noise cause another distraction. Also students truanting lessons are picked up by the teachers meaning that they are spending time sorting out other students and not teaching their own lessons.
However, the school isn't all bad and is an average school that lacks funding but with some changes could become a better school.
Dec 6, 2020

Good school but has some flaws

I am currently in sixth form at Marriotts and have been here since year 7, and while the school has many positives there are a few negatives I've found over the years.
- teachers are caring, mostly supportive and know their subjects well and their lessons really help to get us engaged, while there are a few not so good teachers most of them I've had a really good experience with
- great building, facilities and a lot of space
- uniform is good
- bullying and other issues are dealt with well
- safeguarding is good, we have a safe and secure building with measures such as scanning our cards upon entry and exit to sign in and out of the building
- leading from my first point about great teachers, while many of them are great there are some that like to tell students that they will fail when they're genuinely trying, which is an issue. also, I have known teachers to argue with me and other students when we don't understand something rather than teaching us and closing any gaps in our knowledge/understanding, which makes us less motivated, less confident and I personally found myself dreading those lessons because of this.
- school rules are not consistent. The only rules that were in place from year 7 and still are used now are: phones being confiscated if used, and the warning system. Every other rule changes everyday, for example we had a rule that was almost like a one way system around school, so up the middle stairs down the end stairs, which lasted approximately 5 minutes
- toilets do not lock!!!! Massive issue and this has been a problem for years now, fix your doors!!!!
- some rules put in place have good intentions but are not executed well. For example, we had a rule that said at break and lunch time each year group had a zone to sit in. At the time, I was in year 10, and with my year group being one of the biggest in the school (we were the first oversubscribed year group) we were given one of the smallest zones to sit at and were told off if we sat elsewhere. Bit of a problem, where are we meant to sit?
- we used to have computer bans for the whole year group when it's one or two kids caught vandalising (I'm assuming the only reason this doesn't happen anymore is covid). I understand where you're coming from but for some kids, homework cannot be done at home, printing cannot be done at home, we need to be using the computers at break and lunch so to ban us all when you know who the culprits are is not fair
- open classrooms are not convenient. Due to covid, sixth formers are having different timings to the rest of the students, so while we are in lessons they are at their break or lunch time. If you're in an open classroom, all you can hear is the noise from downstairs, which is not great when you're trying to listen to your teachers and all you can hear is screaming.
- form time powerpoints for sixth formers are absolutely useless. we were told they would cover things like applying to uni, budgeting and actual life skills, yet so far we have had one about "household appliances" which told us how to use cutlery???
- while many teachers are pretty good with getting back to your emails, there are some that do not check or reply to emails, which now that we can't always talk to them in person due to covid is a bit of a problem, when we need help we are just left to deal with it ourselves which is sometimes quite annoying
- open evenings and options evenings do not reflect what the school is actually like, especially this year due to covid when the school has had to make a video. I completely understand showing the school in a positive light, but it's been made to the point where its completely unrealistic and not a true reflection of what its like here at Marriotts. students coming here will have highly unrealistic expectations and may end up dissapointed because of this.
- covid rules such as self isolating. there is a rule that says if your sibling in a different year group or bubble is sent home to isolate, you can still come in even if you're living with them. this in my opinion is stupid and is not reducing the spread of coronavirus if one sibling isolates and the other doesn't. I understand we don't want too many students out at once but if its needed then its needed, remote learning can be done for the majority of students (and for those that don't have computer access at home we could be providing them with work on paper), we should be prioritising safety not numbers and looking good, we have had approximately 25 positive cases as of December
Oct 26, 2020

Very disappointed

Marriotts school has many flaws, for example uniforms, bullying, mental health and behaviour. Uniforms are a big issue as the school change the rules to how they see fit, skirts for one teacher may be a fine length but then in the hall another teacher tells you it’s too short and you are sat in reflection all day writing out the rules for behaviour. Marriotts claim to have a zero tolerance policy on bullying, but this is not true, they give the students who are being bullied detention and the actual bullies continue their day going home as if nothing ever happened. Mental health is a big issue as the school claims that anyone can talk to them, including the ‘counciling’ that they claim to provide, which is a place where random people go to talk about minor issues and the actual people who need it have to wait at least until year 11. Behaviour is a big issue as people are followed home and beaten and many sexual comments are made by students, for example one person who happens to be autistic had his teeth fractured and had to sit alone everyday whilst being tormented for his autism and other mental conditions. There are many other issues with this school that I could write a million sentences about.I am very disappointed with this school
Oct 25, 2020

Bad for you’re mental health.

The school does not care about youre mental health. I know someone who tried to kill themselves and they got put on the councilling waiting list for years with no help or support. The teachers don’t care and only focus on punishments or they focus on the naughty kids when they behaving and congratulate them. Most of the teachers are too hard on the students and are quite uncaring and mean towards children.
Sep 28, 2020

school review

it’s a good school but the uniform Policy is shocking
Sep 1, 2020

Good school but it has its flaws

I was bullied and they didn't seem to deal with it very well. The toilets are in a disgusting state to the point that the toilets you have to use at break and lunch only have about 4 or 5 working toilets in the whole block for all of the girls to use, I dont know the state of the boys but imagine it's much the same. A lot of the toilets dont lock or shut properly and the school have admitted they've known about this for years yet nothing was done. There are lots of great opportunities however sometimes the school puts too much weight on these things and forgets about other possibly more important things. The teachers dont do a lot to congratulate and commend well behaved students instead the badly behaved ones are commended after improvement. The school doesn't teach us basic life skills. Our school is made put to be alot better than it is and looks very different on open evening than it does on a day to day basis.
Marriotts does have a good counselling department and all the teachers are willing to talk to you if you need them to.
We have a well equipped sports department but it is also open to the general public.

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