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Apr 20, 2024

Poorly Led School

Poor leadership and management at this school has created an inadequate environment for children to thrive.
Staff are not able to foster positive relationships with children. Bullying is embedded with evidence of staff singling children out.
Support for children with learning needs is minimal. Some teachers have been at the school for many years and do not wish to take on board new ideas. Newer members of staff agreed that changes needed to be made but were unlikely to happen with the current leadership team. Our child is no longer at the school and we would never recommend it to anyone else.
Jun 7, 2023


After reading so many bad reviews, I thought it would be a good idea to add a review of someone whose child is attending the school currently. I think people are quick to write a negative review when you have had an issue, which is completely their right to do so, however, I wish more people would write good reviews if they have a good experience.

My child is currently attending Meoncross, and he loves it. He is currently in year six and has been at the school for three years. He himself has rated the school an 8.5 to a friend who doesn’t attend to this school, which says quite a lot. I feel his education has excelled since he has been at the school, yes, they were teething issues initially, but they soon came to an end and he has slotted in like he was always there from the beginning.

I guess there are issues in any, and every school that a child attends, and that’s not to say the other reviews haven’t had their problems, but I wanted to express my love for the school and the fact that my child loves the school. Don’t make an assumption based on what you have read on any previous negative reviews, go and see the school yourself and make up your own mind.
Mar 6, 2023

Stay away!!

I would not recommend this school to anyone. From my personal experience, the school has proven to be ineffective at dealing with bullying. Despite numerous reports and complaints, the school has not taken appropriate action to prevent or stop the bullying. This has resulted in a very negative and unsafe environment for students, which has affected their ability to learn and feel comfortable in the classroom.

Additionally, the quality of teaching at this school is inadequate for "some" of the lessons. Teachers are often unprepared, and their lessons lack structure and engagement. This has left many students feeling frustrated and unchallenged, which has hindered their academic progress. It's clear that the school is not investing in its teachers or providing them with the necessary resources to help students succeed.

Finally, the school's lunch options are very poor. The food is often unappetizing and unappealing, with limited options for students with dietary restrictions. This has left many students hungry and unable to focus in the afternoon, which is essential for academic success.

Overall, the school's inability to deal with bullying, inadequate teaching, and poor lunch options make it a very challenging environment for students to thrive in. I would highly recommend looking into other schools in the area that prioritize student safety, academic excellence, and healthy meal options.
Former Student
Mar 5, 2023

Avoid this school - bad behaved kids and bullying!

Avoid sending your child here as there is a lot of bullying and bad behaved pupils, staff don’t help when you complain and try to cover it up! I had to leave this school and so glad I did!
Apr 25, 2022

Horrible School

Would not even bother arranging to look at this school. There is disruptive behaviour and bulling in most year groups which senior members of staff remain in denial of and just let it continue regardless, so it affects the good kids! I am a former pupil and rate this school as 'pretty on the outside, but ugly on the inside'.
Former Student
Nov 10, 2020

Stay away

The school cannot handle any form of bullying and will provide more opportunities and support for the bullies than the victim. They have also faked tests for extra time so the time deserved was not given, and were not capable of spotting children who have ADHD. Extremely disappointing, with members of staff who are not properly equipped to carry out their job roles. A complete staff reshuffle and the policies would need to be re-written before anyone should even consider sending their children here.

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