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As schools go, Millais is pretty good.

Student · April 11, 2021
Student · April 11, 2021
I think that you should take the reviews with a pinch of salt. What student LOVES school? And how many satisfied students are going to take the time to write a review? I would say that the rating on here is not a clear reflection of the overall student satisfaction.
Having come from an OFSTED rated ‘good’ school to Millais which is ‘excellent’, I think you can definitely tell the difference. I know that some teachers aren’t great, but on the whole they really do care. The staff have adapted to the current COVID situation in the best way they possibly could, although the fact that they make us sit outside is not ideal.
I have never personally experienced bullying and I’ve never really heard of any bad incidents. There is generally a sense of comradeship amongst the girls. I joined Millais a few years ago from a mixed gender school and although everyone told me that girls are catty, my experience hasn’t been any further from the expectation.
As I said before, I think a lot of the teachers really do care. This is evident in the yearly teacher panto that some of the teachers take part in. This year, they recorded a COVID safe talent show for us to watch on the last day before the Christmas holidays.
Yes, there is some room for improvement but I still wholeheartedly recommend Millais as a school. I’m going to miss going here everyday, no matter how much I moan about it right now.


Student · December 18, 2020
Student · December 18, 2020
this school is so so bad. They care more about the ones who are well skilled and smart, unlike my daughter who is dyslexic and struggles with keeping up since COVID-19, and the school are absolutely appalling in terms of help with children like mine. Please, DO NOT send your child here!!!

don’t go to millais

Student · December 10, 2020
Student · December 10, 2020
this school is the absolute worst. i’ve been attending for less than four years and i want to poke my eye out with a fork and roast it over the 30 year old bunsen burners they make us use.

• the staff don’t care about you’re mental health or whether you’re bullied, all they care about is the reputation of the school which is still somehow intact.

• most of the teachers can’t teach and some of them are literal pedophiles that will look down your shirt to see if you have a necklace on and spend their entire day looking at girls skirts and yelling at them for being too short

• because of corona, we now have to sit outside at lunch, even if it’s below 0 degrees outside and we’re all shivering. my year sit on the astro and it’s always soaking wet so our skirts stay wet the whole day while the teachers enjoy their lunch in the staff room and go on about how we overreact.

• on the topic of the skirts, new years have to wear them below their knees. i get the whole modesty thing but i see year sevens tripping over because of the lengths of their skirts. overall they’re just way to strict on the uniform. i got yelled at for wearing a coat in winter in a class that wasn’t heated when the teacher had at least 7 layers on.

• don’t even get me started on the food. it was decent when i first joined, but now the pizzas costs £4, are smaller than my hand, are covered in grease and taste like they were fished out the garbage. that’s just one example.

• you’re forced to do sports no matter what. i have extremely bad periods and even if i’m blacking out from the blood loss i still have to run around the astro with the others.

• people cut themselves in the toilets, and someone tried to commit suicide in the school so now there are suicide nets to stop that. that doesn’t count all the people who’ve attempted suicide outisde school but still because of it. shows a lot about how the school affects us. don’t send your children here unless you want to destroy their mental health completely. i know from personal experience.

• i girl i know was bullied, and she couldn’t stand up for herself. when the form tutor was informed she was on the bullies side and said the victim needed to get over themselves

• the stuff we learn about is useless but that’s not necessarily the schools fault

• they force you to do speeches and answer questions in class, and if you don’t participate, it goes on your report saying you don’t actively participate enough. doesn’t matter if you have anxiety, they don’t care one bit

• one of the re teachers enforced their personal beliefs on their classes

• a cover teacher made fake claims saying a class attacked them and they all got in big trouble

• as someone who has mental health problems and struggles with school work because of it, they don’t care. if you don’t do enough work? attitude warning. homework not done on time? warning. refusing to participate in class? bad grade. missing school days because of mental health? lazy. they simply don’t care. and you might think, oh but my child is perfectly mentally stable they’ll be fine! yeah, i was mentally stable too. things went downhill about halfway through year 7 for me.

honestly we’d just be better off if the school burnt down again
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Millais is a very good school

Student · November 22, 2020
Student · November 22, 2020
The school really helps with your issues. I’ve been bullied and the teachers do everything in their power to stop it, I’ve also had a few mental health issues and the school has helped me more than anyone has before. Millais is more of a home to me than my actual home; the teachers are really nice (apart from one or two but you get that everywhere) and the school really represents diversity too . Yes sometimes the teachers are really strict on uniform but I completely get it I don’t want to explicitly see my classmates in anyway because they insist on wearing a skirt shorter than a mini skirt and I doubt any teachers want to see that either . Compared to other schools I’ve been to this one is by far the best and I don’t think the students realise how good the school is as they have nothing to compare it with but the school has everything and lockdown really proved this as it really showed the facilities that we have access to and we are generally so lucky to be at a good school I cannot stress that enough.

It’s not great

Student · September 20, 2020
Student · September 20, 2020
it’s not the best school

A Solid School

Student · August 21, 2020
Student · August 21, 2020
Yeah. Pretty good. There’s definitely a community and the teachers are all nice. Some are even friendly. I’ve never been bullied or anything and I’m pretty sure it’s not super common or anything. I would recommend!

Poor bullying

Parent · August 21, 2020
Parent · August 21, 2020
I was not happy with the way the teachers treated my daughter, they are more strict on the uniform rules instead of the bullying
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