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Sep 7, 2023

A Level

Hope things have changed

Certain teachers & the Principal of the time can be rather racist to say the least. My children were subjected to racist comments about their ethnicity. Often asked would they be moving or staying in one place , how many caravans did we own . From one particular teacher in particular I’m delighted to say my daughter excelled in his class . The school found it funny to give out end of year awards .The principal sanctioned one for the Most aggressive Irish drunk ,for my Son . She obviously didn’t care the effect this would have on his well being and mental health as it was totally untrue . I truly hope things have changed for the better .
May 3, 2022


in all honesty,I hate monkswalk. as a student who has been through some tough things, when the teachers found out that I self harmed, they forced me into telling my parents, (which was alredy difficult enough as we aren’t close and the school know that) and then after that whole ordeal, the don’t even offer me a mentor or a card to go to student support, and because of this me and many other students have learnt to mask our feelings because we know the school won’t do anything
Jun 17, 2021

uniform > literally everything else

monks cares more about students uniforms than overall health or wellbeing. They also claim to be so inclusive and accepting yet let racist, homophobic and mysoginistic jokes slide and expect the students to report it even if a teacher has heard it with their own ears,they never call it out, and even if actions like these are reported the worst they will get is a detention or a day in ace which does nothing to educate the students why what they did was wrong leading to them repeating the actions which are offensive and harmful to many students at monks, they use these punishments just because looks good to parents outside of the school. There are many sweet and helpful teachers at monks but they're out weighed by teachers that care more about your skirt length or blazer than you having a breakdown, it makes it really difficult to trust a teacher with helping you if you are struggling because they form their views of you based on pretty much just your uniform. With recent events the school has been paying extra attention to uniform and jewellery to try and cover up the fact that they're lacking in many other areas, this has been especially bad for girls or people that wear the girls uniform as the shirts of the uniform are see through and are embarrasing to wear without a jumper over the top (to be clear I am not blaming the school for the poor quality of uniform), but they are still told they have to wear a blazer on top of that even in this heat or you will be given a c2 which is a sanction put on the system and if you are caught taking it off twice then it's a c3, a detention, this makes no sense and makes it difficult to concentrate and causes girls lots of uncomfort. If you went to the deputy head or a head of year with these reviews they would gaslight and manipulate you into feeling bad for the school and blame everything on the students (hence why im writing anonymously)
Mar 27, 2021

Monk’s walk school

This school prides themselves on their traditionalistic (but usually outdated) values such as consistently and unnecessarily commenting on uniform, the technology use within the school grounds and having barely adequate mental health support. I also feel they prioritise grades and academic performance over the wellbeing of the student body- especially implemented by the more senior members of staff. With that being said, some members of staff really contribute to the school with their enthusiasm, kindness and patience which would be greatly missed.
Knightsfield, AL8 7NL, Welwyn Garden City

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