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Dec 12, 2022

To strict on behaviour doesnt care about how much work

This school has many problems hence why its rated by Ofsted as "requires improvement" the reason why is the teachers care more about behaviour then work i could easily have gone 10 lessons without doing any work and i wouldnt get caught however if i came even 2 minutes later to a lesson its a 40 minute detention they care to much about students behaviour then there work they also hand bullying very badly with little to no care about how other students treat eachover personally i blame some of the teachers for the whole thing but not all of them so actually have common sense
Oct 17, 2022

Beyond disappointing

Have tried really hard go think positively about this school, but time and time again platitudes are given and no action. I agree whole heartedly with the previous parent regarding bullying and the schools lack of approach to dealing with persistent offenders. The more well behaved your child, the worse they are treated.

The SEN provision is an absolute joke. Monies obtained for students bring on the register, but does not appear to be utilised for those in need of educational support. No feedback, no communication with parents or students on progress in over two years. Not adhering to Policies.

Revision in Year 11, constantly cancelled. Attitude of some staff is that they really couldn't care less.

Sad for those students who want to do well, and who could have in a different school. Sad for those teachers who really do go over and above their role, to be dragged down yo the gutter by sub standard teachers.
Jul 28, 2022


Son was assaulted in school, told he was just hit and was OK, teacher went around school and told pupils that had recorded it to delete the evidence, I got sent recording and he was punched in head over and over again and in the upper body, he was hit In head and I should have been told as he needed to be watch to make sure he didn't have concussion
Jul 27, 2022

Not impressed

This is just one opinion out of many parents of children who have attended this school.

It started well. Good range of subjects. Then COVID. Some teachers were diligent and delivered work during lockdown and were available for questions. Some not so much if at all. My child didn't have some work marked at all, how were they to know if they understood what they were learning if their work wasn't marked?

My child said that classes were often unruly and in one subject saw the teacher only a handful of times although had lots of subs. How are you supposed to pass a GCSE with no subject teacher time? The school should have arranged for another subject teacher rather than spending money on ineffectual substitute teachers.

Bullying. My child was bullied and followed. It was reported to the school, bullying continued. It seems that if are a not a well behaved pupil that every resource and opportunity is given to you, but if you are a good pupil, then it's ok to have to put up with bullies. It takes courage for pupils to take a leap of faith and tell a teacher that they are being victimised. They don't want to feel dismissed and have to badger staff to take action, or to find out what course of action is taken. The victims want to see that bad behaviour will not be tolerated. Not for a wishy washy excuse as to why someone has not been excluded.

Some teachers are awesome and brilliant. Some teachers need improvement.

The Head Teacher appears to delegate discipline responsibilities to their deputies and assistants, but as a parent there are times we would appreciate reassurances from the Head Teacher. It would be nice if parents could actually make an appointment to see the Head Teacher their self and not just their esteemed colleagues.

The cafeteria is small and my child when in last sitting didn't have time to eat their dinner. The only bit of cover is the year 11 playground. Lots of pupils have to stand and eat. Not ideal. However, ParentPay is good.
Oct 2, 2021

absolute shit

Absolute crap they said they’d help me with my needs and never did.
Jan 28, 2021

upgrade subject deparpments

the school is terrible, yeah it turned around but they need to spend more money on the more important subjects like maths and english and music
Jan 7, 2021


the school has really turned around, used to be bad but new head teacher has really give the school new opportunities and much better facilities
Oct 8, 2020


teachers are bevvy tbh 😍😍
Former Student
Aug 20, 2020

My experiance of nbhs

I got severely bullied. Followed home and shit like that and the teachers didn’t do anything about it. The actually teaching is behind in the curriculum and the teachers are slow and unable to control the noisy and obnoxious students in the classroom. The lunch is expensive for such small amount and will let child go without if unable to afford. The first aid consists of ice pack or plasters. I fell and sliced my leg open and all they did was give me and ice pack. However there’s a large dance studio, two sport halls and a large field at the back of the building.

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