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Former Student
May 22, 2022


Fools Gold

This school, whilst it excels academically and in other areas including sport is awful for many things.

I am a former student of NSB, and it was the worst experience of my life. Not only does the school neglect the childrens mental health and only focus on studies, it completely brushes aside any bullying incidents. I had endured bullying ever since I joined the school and told staff on many occasions. To say they don't try would be an understatement. They initially tell you "we'll sort it out", and then proceed to do nothing. Even after telling staff for 5 years, not a single thing had been done to stop the bullying.

Next, racism, homophobia, sexism, xenophobic behaviour, far right/left views etc... are rife in this school. Many children have to endure this everyday but it isn't as if its going to stop; the school will not do anything about it, just like BULLYING. The teachers will hear or see this behaviour and then reprimand the students by telling them "don't say that, its inappropriate", and proceeding to do nothing afterwards. The behaviour is not combatted at all and it is allowed with minimal consequences.

Furthermore, the teachers are often demeaning and belittle you to a point where you feel so small that an ant could crush you. A major example of this is when a Head of Year (member of the Senior Leadership Team), began to mock me for having a stutter; I had tried asking a question and then he proceeded to answer with a stutter. Right up until the end of my time at NSB, he carried on stuttering when talking to me, making me feel empty and useless.

Finally, the school does nothing to combat mental health; multiple people have complained of suicidal thoughts and staff have not recognised this. This is a serious matter and they are doing nothing.

If a parent wanted their child to have mental health problems or to be bullied, send them to this school.

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Former Student
May 19, 2022

Minimal SEN support, Relentless Bullying

I attended this school as a student from around 2010. I joined this school with a diagnosis of ADHD and Autism.

I am now 24 and finally understanding what it was I was going through at school. I had been stuck in a pattern of behaviour that, in hindsight, should've been immediately noticed, especially due to my close contact with the SEN team. 12 years later I am finally able to understand and make progress.

My opinions and requests were regularly ignored and I was forced into a cookie cutter plan. This involved forcing me to sit with an assistant in class, which made me a prime target for bullying. I regularly brought this up and made it incredibly clear that I did not want or require it, and the effect it was causing.

No efforts were made to understand or improve my mental health issues. Instead I was regularly moves to "isolation". A small room where students could be put out of the way and forgotten about.

From the get go I was relentlessly bullied. This has had ongoing effects on my confidence and mental health and has had lasting repercussions in my life.

I would absolutely not recommend this school for children with special educational needs.
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May 12, 2022

not as good as you think

at this school your kid will undergo many fights because of the boys in the school fighting to become popular, this will also mean they will most likely pick on kids that are different to them, then if they try to argue with them 2 things can happen 1. they will get their friends to gang up on you 2. they will call you racist, sexist, homophobic, anything to make you seem worse than them. if you consider your kids to be one of these kids then feel free to let them join in on the bullying but I'm sure you think that your kids don't fight, lie, argue, swear, brag or bully but you should check in on the school to see their activity because they do this a lot at this school because its one big scramble for dominance and the teacher say that they'll look into the bullying but are too lazy to do anything

if you think that this is a lie in anyway or if this gets banned for what i said just remember that if they ban this comment they are trying to hide the truth.
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Dec 31, 2021

Solid 6th form experience

Banging place, current student and all my teachers are excellent and enthusiastic about their subject.
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Sep 21, 2020


teachers are awful. they just shout at you. no kindness to the kods. please don’t send ur kids here
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