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Jun 14, 2024

Notley high

It is a very bad school with bad teachers do not care if you’re crying only about uniform this school makes my mental health bad and I no like any teachers at all they only care about uniform and makeup when their students are literally suffering and the school has no care go to another school not this one unless you like strict teachers, no freedom and imprisonment.
Former Student
May 10, 2023


I got shot by a teacher

I got shot by a teacher
Feb 23, 2023

Pedos x

The teachers here actually sexually assaults student like wtf. “You can’t wear your skirt that short bc it makes the male teachers uncomfortable and distracted” WTF YOU HAVE SOME BALLS OR SMT INFACT GET A CASTRATION BC MAN YOU SHOULDNT BE A MAN PISS OFF
Feb 22, 2023


This school is so bad. They have zero control over things that are important like the hygiene of the school, the bullying and most importantly the fights. The food is absolutely horrid - i had one meal and got food poisoning from it. This school was even rated inadequate from ofsted which says a lot. This school genuinely gave me depression and anxiety.
Dec 19, 2022

Notley High School

Notley high

I hate this school. They do absolutely nothing for me and i throw up every morning because of the anxiety it gives me. The new headteacher is complete shambles i pray to god she gets fired, she does nothing but add stupid rules that have no purpose. Uniform policy is stupid, how are nails affecting anyones school experience. Do not ever send your children to NHS, they will end up with terrible mental health
Nov 15, 2022


first things first this school Absolutely reeks most students do vape in the toilets cant lie its quite funny but most off them all think there all "on road" for example jimmy jones. iv been at this school for 3 years now and there still is no roof i do sometimes wonder why you would make all of the toilets uni-sex and buy locks so no one can piss instead of an actual roof and aswell if you do need to piss or take a shit your teacher has to email so someone too physically walk you too the toilet and too add to this if you are seen in the same cubical as your friend you get suspended???????????? oh, my and the food Jesus thats a whole other level of disgust the dinner ladies are evil and touch the food with there bare hands and once i was in the cue and this old hag off a woman scratched her head and a clump off dandruff came out
Former Student
Nov 14, 2022

Definitely not great :/

Food is ridiculously overpriced, not nutritional, school corridors small and squished, bulling is dreadfully common, terrible, never want to go there again, I moved schools to get away from that horrid place.
Former Student
May 26, 2022


Dinner lady bully’s children

Dinner lady bullies children.

The school is avarage at best I mean the gravity of a little low in the English corridor and you will get stuck if you bring your cat into the elivator but the main problem is for sure the black haired demon dinner lady who cooks raw chicken who even though works at a school I’m sure hates children with a passion if you bring your child here please warn them about this lady and make sure they stay away from her because she will gobble your child up.

Thank you for your time I hope this helps.
Former Student
May 2, 2022

Do not go there

Probably one of the worst secondary schools in Essex. Do not care for students or bullying. Will award naughty students who behave for five minutes but good behaved children who work hard for five years won’t even be recognised for their hard work
Feb 24, 2022

Just Horrible

This school is full of billing that’s just being covered up , staff constantly leaving and the kids are not being taught anything other than watching films in every lesson . Absolutely horrid !
Former Student
Sep 14, 2021


It's ok but could do with phones at break and lunch
Apr 8, 2021

Very much improved school with great staff

Lovely local school
Great staff
Recently very much improved
Feb 16, 2021


inadequate ofstead

Got inadquete in every section on the ofstead report. No improvements have been made and the bullying issues still happen
Former Student
Jan 6, 2021

Yuck yuck yuck

Awful, if you love your child do not send them here, the teachers care more about your uniform than they do your education. Really scummy, weird, old pervy teachers. They will do absolutely nothing about bullying.
Go to Alec instead! My sister loves it there - I hated school.
Oct 17, 2020

Why i belive the school is wrong

The teachers are very angry. And only care about the students with popularity.

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