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Oct 28, 2023

Snobs school for neurotypicals only

For a lovely village the school is shocking. Well actually, Oakley really isn't a lovely village! The school and people who attend have a "I'm better than you" stick shoved up their arse. Village full of snobs. School full of mini snobs and staff that want to he snobs.if your a snob you'll love it! Or if neurotypical. Any neurodiverse children would be ignored and separated The senco who is now a deputy head that refused to acknowledge an official diagnosis.
If you love your normal children, avoid Oakley
May 6, 2023

Choose another school

There are really schools in Basingstoke, Oakley juniors is not one of them. Ofsted good? I do not believe it at all.
Send your child if you want them to become withdrawn and depressed. If you want a happy child so not apply for Oakley Juniors.
Former Student
Mar 8, 2023

Amazing School

Amazing school, lovely teachers and great facilities. Every pupil is acknowledged and cared for. The best junior school I've ever seen.
Nov 25, 2022

Great School

Amazing school, lovley teachers, Brilliant facilities. Although, lack of language study and use of the pool.
Jul 4, 2022

Avoid Oakley Junior School! It's rubbish

I would not recommend Oakley Junior School and removed my children. Unless your child is sporty or extremely smart the school doesn't care. No extra help is offered for children struggling as they refuse to acknowledge any problems and the senco provision is shocking where she doesnt understand hidden disabilities. I would seriously consider another school in the area. Oh, unless you are wealthy, they seem to take an interest in the families that have money! My children are now thriving at their new school and smile everyday. Oakley junior school sucked the life out of them. Biggest regret not moving them sooner.
I wouldn't actually give them 1 star. If you liked the infants you'll be in for a shock at the juniors! Shame Mrs Hucthings doesn't head the juniors as well, the school needs a headteacher who cares about pupils. Not one that only cares about how he looks like Mr Rich.

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