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Jul 22, 2021

Mum of autistic children, AMAZING SETTING!

My son joined Pegasus September 2020, the desicion to send him to any setting wasn't easy- we knew he had pretty bad development delay and thanks to Covid we had to just take the leap. When he started with them he was non-verbal and struggled to communicate his needs, I worried he wouldn't make friends, wouldn't cope with the environment. I was worried as we didn't have any outside agencies involved (again thanks to covid) they would just think I was an over protective Mum.

From the very first meeting with Emma and Paige, I felt I could be completely honest with them about my concerns. They were nothing but understanding and reassured me that they would look after him and that they did. They have worked so hard too not only get him the support he needs in the setting but also the support he needs away from the setting.

The difference in the boy who didn't try to speak/communicate and hated people/children, now absolutely loves going to nursery, tries to copy words, has his own way to communicate and has built some fantastic relationships not only with the staff but also the children too!

After seeing how amazing the setting had been with him and the progress he was making, we made the desicion to start our daughter at the setting in January 2021. It  became apparent to her keyworker that she had some delays and would benefit from extra support. Like with our son they have been amazing, worked so hard to get her support both in and out of the setting.

The children that started the setting are different children to the ones there now. They have both come so far thanks to the support of the setting. They are both so much more confident and smashing their individual targets- which are realistically set on their own development needs, not development based on age.

Not only have the staff members been absolutely amazing with our children but they have also become a huge support network to myself and my husband. Being parents to children with additional needs is extremely over whelming, they have been there to support us in every way. Even if I just needed to rant down the phone, they have listened. We really don't know what we would of done without them this year.

There is one downside to finding such a special setting, when it comes to your children leaving for their next journey at school, it is heart breaking. When the time does come for them to leave for school, Pegasus Childcare Center will forever hold a special place in our hearts. They have changed the paths of our children's lives giving them the best possible start to education.
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