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Jun 27, 2023

PPS school

Purbrook park is the best school
Jun 27, 2023

PPS school

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Former Student
Dec 20, 2022

still waiting on therapy money ! (RUN!)

Genuinely do not recommend this school. 5 years of my life that I wish were spent virtually anywhere other than here. This place has an absolutely toxic environment full of all sorts of racist, xenophobic, queerphobic, ableist (the list goes on) behaviour and after 5 years of reporting it in all the many forms it has taken against me and others, there has been minimal action taken. It is simply unacceptable that such bullying and attacks against people would be so normalised and has led to people feeling like they are genuinely powerless against it as teachers give false promises of helping but give nothing more than a slap on the wrist for repeat offenders.

Additionally, it seems that when it comes to enforcing rules and disciplining students, teachers are more concerned with what students are wearing, be it accessories, skirt length, etc, rather than actual issues that the school is facing - it is just simply so useless to penalise students for really minor changes to how they look while people that regularly harass other students get away with basically nothing most of the time, it has never made sense to me and to many students why there would need to be such a convoluted rulebook over nail colour or whatever. I feel like this school prefers hard sanctions for nothing rather than actually making meaningful steps towards cultivating a welcoming and engaged community.

In terms of teachers I would say that there are definitely some that are absolutely memorable and legends that will possibly be the only thing that you miss about this place, particularly those in the History, Science & English departments (I can't name names but you know who you are), but as to the teachers responsible for pastoral services, I can't help but feel cold and distant from them...
The food is really good quality, I feel some of the vegetarian options have room for improvement but thats all I can really criticise in this regard,

Without delving into specifics as to respect peoples' anonymity, there have also been incidents of direct criminality and threat to the safety of both me and my fellow students within this school, which have left lifelong scars. Genuinely the complacency this school has with deviant behaviour like this is something that you do not want for your child, and I strongly strongly suggest that you pick another school.

In terms of Academics, I feel like there is potential, and there are very good teachers that are very caring and engaged with the education of their students, and are willing to go above and beyond for them, but it would be so much better if there was actually support for these teachers to maximise their impact on their students; the adherence to rigid rules in this school that is expected of teachers and students alike get in the way of a constructive academic environment, and the aforementioned points about doing nothing about oppression can seriously get in the way of a child's academic and personal achievement, and lead to them feeling stagnant and worth nothing more than a mark on a paper.

- Some really good teachers, but they deserve way better
- Challenging academic environment, but could be more secure and welcoming
- Good quality food options, would be really good if vegetarian options expanded
- Oppression galore, very complacent system when it comes to intolerance
- False sense of security, hollow promises
- Strict system with harsh penalties for very little things like dress code
- Criminality not uncommon, frequent violence against other students
So, RUN !!!!!!!

P.S: I would really like a system where for every grade I got in the exams I get a set sum of money for my therapy <333 thank uuuuu !!!!
Oct 24, 2022

Can’t deal with it.

Most teachers are uninterested, the learning experience is just about adequate if you learn things the way they teach you and the sanctions are quite harsh sometimes. I feel like the food is good, the students are ok, but then the social aspect and the nerve of some teachers is actually quite rude, but expect to be respected in return. This school has really affected my mental health entirely and I don’t really feel like explaining any personal details to do with that. The school is quite bias, especially with some teachers, and seem to lean a lot more towards the girls than the boys. There has been a lot of actual criminality in this school, someone who they hired had a criminal record, some student was selling weed, and someone else allegedly looked up a year 11’s skirt. You tell me if this is a good school. I also know other people who have extremely bad outlooks on life and mental health because of this school. The teachers are uninterested and obviously in it for the money, they are also really two sided and everything they do to you depends what mood theyre in. Can’t deal with it to be honest.
Sep 12, 2021

Its alright ig

Alright school for the average person and those who are highly gifted however struggle to meet the needs of those who need extra help and aren't great at picking up on or helping with any mental health issues. Most teachers are amazing however a few dont seem quite qualified for the job they do specifically in the SEN department

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