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Feb 27, 2021

Little School with HUGE Character!

Purford Green Primary School has been nothing but supportive, positive, and caring since my child started. My daughter suffers with an anxiety disorder, but settled in incredibly well and without any issues. The teachers and support staff ensured that she was not treated any differently to the other children, and kept me well informed with her progress.
The head teacher of the school stands at the school gates every morning with a friendly smile to greet each child that walks in - incredibly, she remembers each child’s name, and bids them good morning personally every day.
The teachers are fantastic! There is not one thing I could fault them on. Despite the Covid Pandemic, they have worked tirelessly to ensure that no child is falling behind, and will provide extra support if they are.
Communication from the teachers and support staff has been consistent and effective. As a parent, there is nothing that we do not know about our children and their school days.
My child leaves at the end of the day with a large smile on her face and a skip to her step; since beginning Purford Green she has come a long way with her anxiety and self esteem, and that is thanks to the dedicated staff.
No school day is boring, and no lesson is without fun and entertainment.
The outdoor areas of the school have been developed with the children in mind, and there is not one corner that isn’t full of fun and adventure for play times. Inside, the walls are decorated with fun and educational works from the students, and definitely are not simple and boring.
The safety and security of the children is take exceptionally seriously, and no person is allowed on site unless they are a student, staff member, parent, or designated person. There are locked gates at every entrance, and a staff member watching when children enter and leave.
The catering manager of the school is fantastic! They ensure that the children are provided with healthy, nutritious, and enjoyable meals. Parents also receive emails asking for meal requests, ensuring that every child is given the opportunity to eat a meal that they are familiar with.

I could not have chosen a better school.
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