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May 16, 2024

Shit school

Shit school, teachers especially male ones looks up students skirts, not good with bullying and also there food ain't cooked properly/ maggots
Jun 12, 2023

umm no.

SHITE dont come here everyone is rude and staff is so bad do not come to this school because ur want to kys
May 24, 2023

Year 10 bullies

Having a grandchild at this awful school has worried me from day 1. Now in yr 10 and constantly being bullied with NO support whatsoever from the teaching staff is beyond words. This school was a bully school when i was at school in 1972 and its just got worse. The pupils behaviour out of school is mortifying. Ive watched pupils kick over rows of refuge bins waiting to be emptied,boys urinating on ppls cars and yesterday a girl pupil lifting up her top while 2 boys took a photo of her bust. The language is always unacceptable and simply foul. Pupils here have no respect for anybody at all. All the bullies at this school should take a step back and have a think about the damage they are doing to the pupil they are picking on. You are cruel and beneath contempt and should be ashamed of yourselves!!!
Mar 6, 2023

Bad school

I go to Redbridge Community School and it is one of the most terrible school ever. Do not go!!
Nov 19, 2022

Leave the toilets unlocked

It’s alright but the toilets r locked during lesson which is not fair and when I need to toilet it’s a no
Sep 10, 2022

Great school!!

This school has helped me more then I can imagine the head of year and teachers were very supportive and kind my English teacher took her own time to get me the best grades I ended up leaving that school with almost all As the uniform is really relaxed and comfortable and students are fairly nice there’s always the odd one or two who aren’t but the school deals with it extremely well and a lot of their funding goes on rewards that encourage students to do well and have good behaviour for instance they do a winter wonderland and hire a bit of a funfair to put in the school field in summers
May 11, 2022

👍🏻 good

Amazing school mental health has improved
Former Student
Feb 23, 2021


so bad

so bad , teachers think they’re high and mighty. they dont care about their students and only shout to seem like they’re powerful. nothing but problems from redbridge. DO NOT GO HERE !!!!
Former Student
Jan 25, 2021

Thank You Redbridge

This school changed my life, I will always be grateful for the help and support I received both in and out of lessons.

Thank you Redbridge!

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