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Former Student
Mar 26, 2024


Oh my days this school is bad like during my time at rubishgents yeah some of the teachers where horrible to me and also the behaviour of some other students were abouslty appoloing apparently its still like this today like sort it out control the students and make the staff nicer
Aug 18, 2023

not the worst but it’s getting worse

they lock up the toilets and only open them at lunch or break and 10 minutes every lesson they kept a thing to put ur bag down or sit on in the boys toilets but got rid of it for the girls so if u have a heavy bag u have to carry it non stop or put it on the floor plus if a teacher lets you go to the toilet u need too say ur nane year and lesson ur in and most staff members talk down too you because their older then you
Jun 18, 2023


Not allowed to go to the toilets in lesson and there's always a line at break and lunch
Former Student
Oct 2, 2022

Don't listen to the really poor reviews

People saying the teachers a podophiles is a joke within the school and is not serious so ignore reviews saying that. but some of the teachers are good some are bad just like most schools, and the things about Mrs Barnes are true she is extremely strict. But overall is isn't to bad of a school have great memories with my friends and quite a few good teachers
In conclusion the school isn't the greatest but it has good outdoor environment and has pretty good sports facilities, the teaching is good but it can depend on the teachers but most of them are good depending on how well you get along with them, the school is quite strict with things such as dress code and rules in general but overall is a pretty good school to go to and I personally had a pretty good time there with great memories and a lot of the teachers were really good
Former Student
May 4, 2022

A Regents Review

Overhated iwl, actually not a bad school. The teachers were helpful and supported me when I didn't understand something. I had a fun time there with my friends and achieved good GCSEs too.
May 4, 2022


Honestly. Ignore the reviews. Great memories, great vibes and I passed all of my GCSES as a Special Ed student there. What more could you ask for? Ungrateful children.
Dec 8, 2020

Something I've been meaning to get off my chest.

Hi, i am a closeted trans, autistic student that goes to this school and the lack of any support and slurs that I get is abysmal, teachers don't even bat an eye at someone saying the r word at me (if you didn't know, the r word is a slur used against autistic people). Teachers don't even care; i barely get any support. Other then that the school is fine, just dont go here if you're gay or trans because you will be attacked and made fun of for it. There is no way I can come out while I'm in this school.
King Edward Avenue, SO16 4GW, Southampton

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