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Apr 19, 2024

ridgeway is a living hell

this school is the worst school in my area It's bad,the bullying doesn't get solved,and my son barely gets any homework due to the lack of communication between the students and teachers.My son gets bullied and harrased constantly from other students and the teachers do nothing about it.The teachers laugh at you when you do things wrong and they dont give the right help to students with difficulties.Whatever you do DONT send your child to ridgeway.
Jan 28, 2024


I have 2 children at this school & I wholeheartedly agree with all the previous reviews. It is shocking they set homework & never follow through with sanctions when it’s not completed yet give detentions for earrings or forgetting a pen. They consistently break their own policies & the lack of communication is frustrating beyond belief particularly from the senior leadership team. They are finally after 5 years trying to follow through on the “standards” but this all about appearance & NOT education.
I was a supporter of the school but I’ve completely lost faith.
Oct 19, 2023

Don’t think hitting a child repeatedly is bullying

My child is currently at ridgeway. I’m trying everything in my power to solve issues but school doesn’t want to know. He has been bullied from day 1 of year 7 and is a SEND a child. He is in year 8 currently I have never had any input from the SEND department. Previous reviews are spot on. The school ONLY care about how they look to the outside world by way of uniform and attendance rates. They are on kids and parents cases constantly in threatening ways to adhere to their “rules”. Yet I have teachers telling me that my child being hit across the head repeatedly by boys in his class isn’t bullying but an isolated hurtful behaviour incident. The school rarely communicate with you about anything. They have now brought out a new “communications policy” to protect and safeguard their staff from parents who are angry because they don’t give a shit about the welfare of the kids. You can’t access the school in any way at all, only by email and they say they have 72 hours to respond, that’s if at all. So if my child has been physically assaulted I have to wait 72 hours to hear anything about it if at all?!!!
Jun 5, 2023

Dont send your children here.

Had to leave school prematurely as this school could not handle anything. Their system shames people caught doing smaller things like chewing, eating or checking a phone, however serious situations including bullying, violence, drugs etc are swept under the carpet. Pisspoor school and the ass of the Welwyn Hatfield Schools.
May 19, 2023


Their punishment is harsh for silly things..
Yet important things like bullying.. And ringing parents to say their child isn't in school... When they are and have been.. Very worried... A Harry Potter uniform isn't going to solve this schools problems... Was bad when it was Sir Fred's... But at least drug dealers weren't outside gates back then... Avoid 💩💩💩💩💩💩
Former Student
Dec 23, 2020

Disappointing :(

Hated everyone and everything about the school. Made my depression worse and had a shit counsellor that did absolutely nothing when I asked for help.Most of the teachers were crazy and made exams and revision extremely stressful.However most subjects like: History, Drama, Philosophy and ethics, English and P.E, were the best lessons by far as they had really nice teachers that made u feel sane.
Herns Lane, AL7 2AF, Welwyn Garden City

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