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Former Student
Jun 11, 2023


Multiple times when I ate the school lunches I found bones in the chicken burgers alott and have been given undercooked chicken multiple times. Some of teachers are so rude, honesty I could could go on forever about this
Jun 17, 2021

Smells like lynx and controversy

Frankly. The schools alright. But I have to admit with rumours that the ********** is************ after leaving a student with no punishment after**** saluting to a****** faculty member, coming today it’s a little controversial. With parading roadmen, dripping with BO and spending their last Lynx Africa scented breaths from their tarred puffer jacket wearing lungs, hissing out homophobic slurs against the schools minority, with the growing minority of younger students and in the same year also. With poor priorities, focusing more on punishing students who are late to lesson rather than education. There are the odd good person if you play your card right, but sadly, being a good person in this school means you are plagued by roadmen because you are weird and don’t like to play football. Some of the times the school can seem poorly managed, yet it will have to suffice as the sooner we can leave the sooner we can leave it in the dust and get to college already. With all the teachers being sacked recently, and speculations of it becoming an academy, I suppose it really will be left mongering the dust, scowering through for an extra penny to pay the remaining faculty.
Jun 15, 2021


Good school

I have been happy the whole time at Robertsbridge. Small school so it feels like a friendly community, food is good, generally good grades. Less strict on uniform than other schools. Lots of new classrooms and refurbishments going on at the moment.
Feb 12, 2021


This school is atrocious. All the teachers just care about how the school and student looks (even though they’re all still butters)and not about the student’s education. Ever since ** **** came along the school has gone downhill. On top of this, they always leave the school gates open and due to this other teenagers who do not attend robertsbridge have entered the property.
Jan 28, 2021

Never judge a book by its cover

Never judge a book by its cover
While yes, teaching, academics and learning are all features of this school that stand out, it has underlying issues with bullying, a bad anti-bullying system and general unawareness of bullying. I have found many issues like homophobia, transphobia and racism sometimes encouraged by teachers brought into school grounds. These aforementioned issues have not been covered enough in general school assembly’s, which is prime time for students to learn about social issues as one collective year group. Teachers are supportive at times, many teachers care for your needs and will often notice when you are upset, however there are a few who fail to see this in students or act properly about it. I feel lessons over time have gotten weaker, at the start of my time here I was thoroughly enjoying lessons and participating, but now they seem less enthusiastic and boring. Overall, good on the books, good on the reviews, bad on homophobia, sexism etc. Lots of work to be done to ensure a true safe environment welcome for everyone, as the school promises
Jan 28, 2021

Okay, but could be much improved

I wouldn't say the teachers or work are awful or anything but students can literally be outright homophobic and all that happens is warnings. The teachers are mostly okay, I just feel kinda unsafe
Finnian Rees
Jan 19, 2021

Bad school, bad staff, bad handling.

I'm bullied constantly. Staff know and do nothing. People have threatened to kill me and the staff haven't done anything. Many of the teachers are bad at their jobs, even one so bad I quit the gcse so I could do one with a decent teacher and actually do well. In my year there are big problems with homophobia/genderphobia/transphobia that staff know about and do nothing. I even know one of my fruends who was sexually assaulted at school and staff know and have so far done minimal things. Lots of fights and bullying, not handled well by staff.
Jan 11, 2021


I am a year 11 at this school and I feel they have given me the best preparation for my future. I have been given the best opportunities as a pupil. During remote learning the teachers have been supportive and helping to motivate us. Over the years I have been in many plays and joined many clubs and have done a taken a wide range of roles. I could not speak more highly of my experience at robertsbridge.

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