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Apr 17, 2024

Appalling school

My daughters experience over the last couple years are shocking. The teachers don’t care, the students are horrible. The teachers are the most shocking part; kicking students belongings, putting them down, being overall unfair, it’s shocking. My daughter has had the worst secondary schools experience you can possibly imagine at this school. For the love of your child, don’t send them there.
Sep 13, 2023

Why you shouldn’t send your kids to RODING VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL

Don’t send your child or children they say they care about your child’s care and how they are but they don’t
Aug 19, 2023

i ate out a teacher

boring af ngl also some teachers r fit tho
Jul 21, 2023


A good school, should be outstanding!

This school offers a lot of opportunities for those who want to participate and work hard. Loads of high achieving children and teachers who are supportive and approachable. When issues come up they are dealt with. And the 6th form looks great. What’s not to like?
Jun 12, 2023


Teachers outside toilets Wht u doing there
May 30, 2023


Average school it’s alright
Apr 24, 2023

horrible school

school is horrible. constant drama. suspended my son for 3 days after he walked out of class n kicked over a bin due to 2 bullies in his class chucked chewed gum in his hair. my son has anger issues (diagnosed for 2 years) and this is his least concerning respond to something. the bullies were not punished in any way and only had they’re parents phoned a week after the situation had happened. also they refused to feed my child due to the fact he had a break time detention and asked to grab some food before he sat his det. my son messaged me about this situation after his detention and I spoke to the teacher who had given him the detention and she told me over the phone “he should’ve eaten more breakfast then” outrageous!!! do not send ur child here if they have any sort of anger problems or anxiety!!!
Apr 24, 2023

Roding Valley

school is honestly shit! I sent my 13 year old daughter there cause of her past 2 schools and it was horrible! She was sick for a week and they kicked her out! The Toliets have MOLD in them, the students are fucking twats and the school teachers are racist and nonces ,they call out coloured students and they look up girls skirts. And if ur child wanted food it has MOLD inside and they serve you uncooked food . I wouldn’t send your child here!!
Former Student
Jul 15, 2022

My Experience (TW: Mentions of Trauma)

I am a former student and I seriously cannot describe what this school put me through. I was bullied for months on end and even stopped coming to school for weeks at a time. The teachers didn’t do anything to try and stop the bullying. Eventually they put ME in isolation. Not the bullies, me. I went through such severe depression that I attempted suicide and even then, they still didn’t care at all. A month or two after I attempted, they contacted my mum and basically said that they wanted me to come back to school because they weren’t getting financial funding from me because I wasn’t attending. They didn’t want me to go back because they cared or that they were concerned about my education: they wanted me to go back so that they could start getting money again. I’ve had to go to therapy because of what this school did to me.

Also they hire terrible people. They hired a therapist for me and even after I told her about my bullies and self destructive acts, she proceeded to tell me that I was not depressed. Once I got really stressed that my parents would find out about my sexual orientation, so I talked to a teacher about it and she told me that I was too young to make that decision??

Food choices are limited, 90 percent of teachers are horrible and shout all the time (there were a few good ones), they have a poor way of handling things and do not give a crap about anyones mental health. Do not bother with this school unless you want your child to either spiral into depression from bullying or become a bully. (They’re also really bad at handling fights. One time there was a huge fight and all the teachers did was yell at them to stop for like 3 minutes.)
Former Student
Jan 19, 2022


cut yard cuz

very dry , absolute joke of a school. Batty men
Former Student
Oct 10, 2021

Don’t come here

The senior teachers don’t know what they’re doing they say there big on mental health but when it actually comes to it they couldn’t give a crap. There’s no disabled access anywhere. It’s over crowed the students are horrible all the time fighting shouting swearing. The only good thing they used about the place is how close it is to the nearest train station
Mar 19, 2021

Rarfay and Kashif

My daughters experience

To many pedophiles at the school. My daughter got touched repeatedly by staff and students, also my daughter was shown indecent images of other students one had his willy and bum out! Do send your child here if you want them to be scared and molested. My daughters ass is the sive of mount everast now thanks Roding you awful people gon eat out your familys you cunts.
Nov 28, 2020


It’s an average school . Not all staff are nice . Food is limited on choices - hardly no vegetarian options- no vegan options.
Sep 17, 2020


Scholl is terrible teachers dont care ,food is horrible and lesson are badly managed.had to change in 1 month of attending. Worst school in england 2020

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