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Feb 1, 2024

Institution for bullying

Wanted to share this! Recently I took my daughter of 14 years old out of school and now home school. The reasons being are due to bullying, at this point I would love to name and shame the parents, and their little shits, but I will refrain for now!

On top of that, another bully yes "ryburn valley high school teachers", the do gooders, the ones that want the children on puppet strings, the ones they can control, tell what to do, shout, scream at and isolate, an example of a reason "because their socks are not long enough and ankle skin showing", yes pathetic i know, and all to satisfy the bully. The one big thing these teachers do not know is how to "listen, understand, support, encourage, and empathise", well I think they forget to learn that!

Trying to control our little people to the point our little people "can't do this no more" is not healthy, doesn't help them learn and does not allow any type of individuality. What it does do is teach them to accept being bullied. That is aside from the impact it has on their emotional wellbeing. An academy, what a load of utter bollocks. A school becomes an academy so they can please themselves and have no govenernance from the local authority.

Ryburn valley did not, and doest not tackle bullying, they allow it and then bully themselves 😢

School today is the last place I would send my child, it a thriving bullying institute that needs an full overhaul!!! Building full of narcissistic beings.

Ryburn Valley you should be ashamed!!!! ofstead won't, but should intervene. Take a leaf out of the book below and banish the old outdated policies that are there just to satisfy your bully ways.
Nov 28, 2023

Breeds bullies and rewards evil

Breeds bullies and rewards evil
Jun 16, 2023

Bullying ?

didn’t think it was that bad until about year 10. Was in the dining hall with our friend whos upset and this old woman on bin duty came up and told us to leave her alone because we where useless and loytering? They say that they are trying to preach mental health but seems like opposite. for some reason we don’t have the right to stand in the canteen, when there is about 300 students and not enough tables, And some days when they close off the outside area, we’re restricted to only eating in canteen so if you can’t get a table then your not able to eat. The only staff members that actually seem to care is Mrs.williams. only time i felt safe was when me nd my friend was being followed and mrs saville said something to them. apart from that it is so easy for someone to just walk into the school at break n lunch. If you can’t get homework done because you have been revising for exams you get punished. And they are always talking about how at home it should be time to relax and have free time but we can’t because we are pilled with multiple sheet and online homework every day. toilets are always filled with kids on phones or vaping so you can never actually go to the toilet. your not allowed to go to the toilet during lessons (only if you have a toilet pass) which i think is a bad rule especially for females. My brother was there 2012-2019 and he loved it. brilliant and funny teachers back then, teachers now seem to not care. they say bullying isn’t tolerated but that’s wrong. If you tell a teacher you are being bullied they tell you that you have a bad mind set, once they tried getting me in group therapy. i was bullied year 8-11 and nothing was done about it. Several of my emails got ignored and in the end i was once again the one in the wrong. Was then told i should be “excluded” because me and my friends took a group photo in school. One of the pastoral members who was meant to be helpful lied to me about several things. Start of year 11, and everything completely fell apart so i took a couple days off school and even though school knew my circumstances they still resumed to not acknowledge that i was really struggling. My grades went down so much in year 11 that i went from 8/7 in maths to 4/5. Teachers say you cant go on mobile phone but then sit on there phone all lesson and only seem to take phones away from certain children, not the one they favouritise . Once my friend was eating a sandwich i gave him because he had no food and was starving all morning and a teacher yelled at him for eating it even though he explained he was going to be sick if he didn’t eat. Been a couple occasions when the school say they are going to tell all of your teachers something to make them aware but never do, so when your upset they dont give you a minute, they just demand you to work. Maths was a huge struggle for me especially in year 11, some of hardest hours ever. Forever will love mrs williams cause she always reassured me even when she didn’t know what was wrong and just noticed herself, i think shes the reason why i got my L2D in health and social cause i had support i needed. i dont really recommend this school, especially if you already know your child gets bullied easily. When you go into school multiple male teachers tell you to take hoodie off so you head inside to take it off because why should people have to stop outside just to take your hoodie off and block the door? And then Mr mcdonalds tells you your being rude and mumbling because we dont want to take our hoodies off outside and then he starts getting cocky, when we are telling him that its ridiculous that we cant walk 2 steps inside to take jackets off.
May 31, 2023

Ryburn valley higschool

Teachers don't care about mental health. Teachers grab students. No one care if you get bullied teachers will give you a detention for a stupid reason. They don't care if you have a mental illness. Teachers will bully you. Teachers won't let you go to the toilet and there's cameras in the bathroom.
Apr 17, 2023

Ryburn valley High school review

There are lots of fights and teachers will shout at you for no reason. Medical assistance is terrible and you have to wait for about an hour to get fully checked on. If you feel Ill teachers don't send you home. Teachers don't care about pupils mental health. Pupils get told to sit down shut up and do the work and we're not aloud to work together.
Apr 15, 2023

Student xxxxx

Got abused by a student and had to go to the police because of something else would not recommend
Aug 30, 2022


Just no. Teachers are hypocrites. They preach about being yourself but your not allowed. Don’t have many rights, can’t use toilets if you need during lesson, Can’t stand in canteen at lunch even tho there is no space to sit down. if the outside area is out of bound then it’s either canteen or gym sports hall and your not allowed to stand in either. When Ofsted and other inspectors come in, the students are bribed to behave well and teacher become extremely nice
Aug 20, 2022

New rules and uniform

This school is appalling the head of year 8-9 cheated on his wife at the school! The bullying that never stops! The harassment that my child gets for being openly transgender and gay! The way you want kids to express themselves is awful no one can express themselves with words especially if they have autism! Let kids be kids let them dye their hair,wear makeup and them wear their own clothes
May 8, 2022

All subjects


They have some stupid rules and don’t do anything about bullying. They don’t help with any mental health issues and one head of year 8 pretended to be in the phone when my child went in to speak to him. This school gave somebody a detention every single lunch and break and after school until she got dye out of her hair! That isn’t effecting her learning and having more than one piercing, awful rule! You push your students to excel and express theirselves but you limit them on how far they can go and in my opinion expressing yourself can include makeup hair dye and piercings let the kids be kids let then dye their hair and get piercings! I think a lot more people would send there kids here if they knew that their child will be able to express their self.
Apr 27, 2021

Great ig

Good but... I get bullied and they don’t do owt
Former Student
Jan 6, 2021

An ok school

It was a great school but they didn’t do anything when I was getting bullied.
Dec 8, 2020

Best school ever

It is the best experience of my life
St Peter's Avenue, HX6 1DF, Sowerby Bridge

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