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Good School

Former Student · April 12, 2021
Former Student · April 12, 2021
Over all I’ve had a great experience, the majority of my teachers were very friendly and I have made many memories for life. There were many amazing opportunities including school trips, school musical and showcases which helped me to excel at music during my time at the school.

However I gave the school 4 out of 5 because I feel like my BTEC courses at the school were neglected compared to my other options I did. I used to get told the day before coursework was due that it was not going to be at a good enough level to get the grade I wanted to. This was an issue that constantly caused me a lot of stress and it happened due to that fact that a few of my teachers would rarely mark any work and if they did it would be last minute.

In conclusion, Sackville is a good school and I would recommend it to people local to East Grinstead. I would want to give a particular shoutout to the teachers in the music department and a certain teacher in English who I had (I can’t name names on here but his surname began with a B haha).

Sackville school

Former Student · Secondary experience · March 18, 2021
Former Student · Secondary experience · March 18, 2021
** ** *****,** ********,** ******- three of the best teachers I’ve ever had and I’ve heard nothing but good from others about them too, sackville can have a mixed bag of teachers and lessons but no doubt three great teachers.

Always great to see** ***** out when I’m at work too.

Good school, good teachers, plus as someone who knows the head boy and girl, students are in safe hands.

Pretty decent

Former Student · January 18, 2021
Former Student · January 18, 2021
Not bad at all, but not the most joyous experience. Happy to not be there anymore, but overall a good school.


Student · November 26, 2020
Student · November 26, 2020
Meh. Kinda ok. Kinda not.
Regret attending on the days I show up
(Peace sign & kissy face)
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