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Lennie Mckeating/Morrow

A fair, balanced review

Former Student · June 6, 2021
Former Student · June 6, 2021
For this I will try to remain as impartial as possible, I recently completed my education here and I have ups and downs I’d like to share.

As far as students go, some will be incredibly kind and helpful while some can be quite mean and it is often difficult for someone from a more sheltered environment to get along at first though from personal experience, this can change.

Staff is honestly mixed also, I will not be dropping any names for who is a poor teacher however there are some teachers who seem to believe that their job is to discipline rather than teach and can create more problems from things which would have amended themselves had the teacher not gotten themselves involved. This is my only complaint however and I will be honest, nobody in my class has ever been sent home for uniform in the 5 years I’ve been here, the rumours are exaggerated and we usually just either get a slip or a temporary replacement if there is an issue with uniform and it’s only when people are clearly violating uniform policy on purpose that they are sent home.

There are many great teachers though and while I can’t mention their names, I will give some initials.
Great teachers from each department (this only covers who has taught me and I know of many others who did not teach me or only briefly taught me but are known as great at teaching with certain English teachers and an amazing History teacher in mind)
English: H.ME, V.BO
Maths: A.Cu
Science: E.FR, D.MI, V.RI
History: L.BA
Physical Education: G.SP, A.HA, S.WO

And I would finally like to say that the support teams and year leaders are amazing such as H.CA and K.BA for year 11 alongside the mentor (adoption) programme which I was lucky enough to get C.RH to select me.

Finally, the litter which can sometimes be seen around school is not to be blamed on the staff. I would like to make this clear, staff make a great deal of effort to keep the academy clean and it is a minority of students which routinely litter and sometimes bits of it get left around such as in bushes and my only advise to the academy for this would be to be more harsh on this.

Worst school in hull

Student · March 10, 2021
Student · March 10, 2021
Worst school in hull
So strict about uniform sends student home for missing a pen or a tie

Staff don’t care

Good school

Student · December 7, 2020
Student · December 7, 2020
Good school nice teachers

Was an okay school

Student · September 4, 2020
Student · September 4, 2020
Good school if you can make a good relationship with some teachers. Some teachers have clear favouritism and bullying could be dealt with better but there is always room for personal growth.
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