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Jun 7, 2024

Mental health

Teachers dont care about your mental health.
Jan 12, 2024

Would go lower if I could

Bad is an overstatement
Jan 8, 2024

Good school

Gr8 school. Teachers are great and support you in lessons. The range of things to at a lunchtime or after school is good.
Jan 5, 2024


Sekolo se ile sa etsa mosebetsi o mobe
Dec 31, 2023

Bad school

l-iskola tgħallem ħażin
Dec 6, 2023

my experience with spalding academy??

BRO. my french teacher said the r slur and didnt even stop some of the people in my class from saying it too. they weren’t even saying the french word for it(which is late). found it so uncomfy. also, this school’s condition sucks. its always so cramped walking into G block, which is annoying to me, also, the fact that year 7’s are basically treated better. they literally get the whole canteen and get treated better with behaviour. it’s annoying. also, i got bullied at the front of the class once, which the bully was near me, and the teacher did NOTHING about it even though the bully was being very loud. this school does generally nothing to help with bullying, just pushing a anti-bullying assembly or something. which does NOTHING against bullying, by the way. there’s sm mean people in this school, the toilets are..something. even after the revamp of it, there’s always people gossiping, or people not even FLUSHING THE TOILET. 80% of people i see go into the toilet just gossip with their friends in the stall or something. honestly, this school is terrible. they just pose as being perfect when visitors come into the school, and it annoys me. this school definitely doesn’t deserve to be top school, because its actual dog water. also, im wondering sum, what is the catacombs? lol
Nov 25, 2023

bad school. it sucks.

this school is AWFUL. how the hell is it top 5? the teachers suck, they dont do anything about bullying inculding the school. also the fact teachers have so much anger issues and get mad when you talk ONCE. also it doesnt help with the fact teachers call students ‘idiots’ or ‘dumb’ for not behaving. there’s such a big behaviour problem in the school and just on calling people wont do nothing about it.
Nov 3, 2023

We are absoloutely smashing the national average

"We are absoloutely smashing the national average" Said our glorious head of school here at Spalding Academy. It is true, our school is truly soaring high above the others in Spalding. I have full trust that this will only lead us onto greatness and to full incorporation of the entire area of Lincolnshire into SLAT.
Sep 14, 2023

Elite Death squad 💀

Beneath them catacombs there are a elite task force containing 4 members the janitor from family guy her role is the medic the tractor man as the squad leader Tony as the brute strength and the librarian as the intelligence of the force theese mercenaries give no mercy and will stop at nothing
Sep 8, 2023

False accusations

Last year I was forced to hear how a student in his class had been punished for repeating what the teacher had said! He said it in a "mocking" tone and the teacher told him off for "disrespect". Then, the teacher punished everyone who laughed at the incident by forcing them to apologize! The student who started it was punished by spending an hour extra at the school!
I think it is unacceptable that this should happen and my son has also told me that this is not the only incident where a student has been falsely accused like this. My son tells me that the school is good in general but the abuse of power by staff must be more heavily punished and the teachers should not have the ability to give students such long detentions for something so small.
Sep 4, 2023

Parent of a child in yr8

Last year, my little angel received just over 1,000 minus points for absurd reasons like "Assaulting a teacher" or "attempting to commit arson" I think it is absoloutely UNNACCEPTABLE for my little angel to receive these points for things they would never ever do. I raised my child differently than this and if the school wants to punish them for things they never did then I will take LEGAL ACTION against the school.
Jun 23, 2023

Absolutely shocking

I am a mother of my child who goes to that school. My first impression is very bad. Looks like the teachers only punishing the kids for no reason. They calling children stupid and dumb or plonkers. They keep repeating children that the children not choosing the school to go or not, that the teachers deciding if the students goes to that school. The bullying from the trachers are absolutely disgusting. I was listening the voice recording of the one of the assembly and I was in shock. The teachers were demotivated children with them talks how they are the worst students ever they had at that school. Imagine my manager say to me and my colleagues same thing? I think he wouldn’t work for mich longer. The teacher was raising the voice and making children so small. They punished whole class only because one child was barking and others just laughed because of that. For sure they could just deal with student who barked without punishing others. I was getting the message that my child is on absence while he was at school. Same thing happened to my colleague from work. They got some point scheme for good or bad behaviour. I understand that there should be something in place, but some minus points came for my child were just absurd, like forgot calculator or haven’t got pen. For sure school have extra to provide in case someone forgot them.
Jun 11, 2023

Not the best

better than the Gleed but could be better. the corridors smell of B.O most of the time, teachers have major anger issues and their teaching method is not the best! they just use powerpoints from another school in the same trust! (Giles Academy). They also expect us to learn so much from a powerpoint and watching useless videos. some teachers take time to explain it but most just leave it to the board to take care of! Also, you are not allowed to leave your yard at lunch or break without permission, you have to ask to go to the LRC! they also dedicate the biggest board in the school to the LGBT+ club which is obsene not going to lie, they dont even use it!! it could be used for much important things
Jun 7, 2023

This is on its way down

The downfall of spalding academy

Verse 1:
Yo, let me tell you bout this school I know
Where the teachers don't teach and the students don't grow
You sit in class all day, just wasting time
And when you ask for help, they act like it's a crime
The textbooks are outdated, the lessons are weak
If you wanna learn something, you gotta hit the streets
But when you leave the classroom, you get hit with the stink
The hallways, the bathrooms, it's all in sync

This school's a disaster, it's a terrible shame
The meals might be good, but the teachers are lame
The corridors stink of wee, the yards look like a prison
If you don't believe me, just take a listen

Verse 2:
The lunch lady's the best part of this place
The food's so good, you forget about the disgrace
But then you gotta leave the cafeteria behind
And enter the halls, it's like you're in a bind
The toilets are clogged and overflowing with mess
The smell overtakes you, it's impossible to forget
The corridors are dark, you can barely see
The tiles are sticky, it's a nightmare to be

This school's a disaster, it's a terrible shame
The meals might be good, but the teachers are lame
The corridors stink of wee, the yards look like a prison
If you don't believe me, just take a listen

Verse 3:
The yards are a sight worth seeing, let me tell you that
It's like a scene straight out of a horror movie, it's a fact
The fences are high, the bars are thick
It's hard not to feel trapped, it's quite a trick
You wanna play basketball or soccer, but where's the court?
You wanna run around, but there's not much support
The facilities are lacking, the school's in a rut
It's hard to enjoy it, when it's all just a bust

This school's a disaster, it's a terrible shame
The meals might be good, but the teachers are lame
The corridors stink of wee, the yards look like a prison
If you don't believe me, just take a listen

I'm sorry to say it, but this school's a joke
It's time for a change, it's time to revoke
The teachers who don't care, the facilities that stink
It's time to make a difference, it's time for a big blink.
May 18, 2023

Mate crappy school HONESTLY I rlly don't recommend going here .

The school rules man..

The school rules I rlly question they make no sense. U do realize no one actually listens to them and u r basically encourageing us to be more rude and disrespectful.👍
May 16, 2023

dont come to this shithole

the staff are too abusive and racist, they called me foreign and thats why i got sanctioned, apparently i was being rude by saying excuse me to a girl that was fully english. this has happened multiple times with many ENGLISH girls and the teachers would always say its my fault as i am foreign even though i got accused for things that weren’t true. even after showing proof to the teachers.

not recommended, please dont come here if your from a different nationality as its hard to get your point of view without being interrupted and called foreign by the teachers
May 10, 2023


Concerned student

Today a tragic occurring happened when we had to put condoms on plastic male genitals,this not only made me feel uncomfortable but I could clearly see it made others feel uncomfortable too! Another occurring that happened is that they anonymously let us touch objects without telling us what they are such as a hormonal ring that goes up a women's vagina, I have hormones on my hands now. I will also like to complain about how the whole lesson I was being bummed from behind as a "joke". I did not find that humorous.
May 10, 2023


this school is so shit the teacher say your an idiot and they tell you to shut up like how rude.
May 9, 2023

Sturmabteilung's agents are after us

The school was built in WW2 as a hospital and still we can hear those screams who had died here and the SRU, being already known as the morgue with the tunnels going into the catacombs. I wouldn't be surprised of those who go to SRU be placed under the Spalding Academy's agents surveillance and be on the most wanted list if skipped school. Most of the teachers hate those who speak, guess it's because they're trying to listen to whoever is crawling in those tunnels. You ever wonder why they have radios? It's cause they can call 24/7 agents - to arrest those. You want to know what happens to those people who get caught? The catacombs. That's what happens. I have an entire whiteboard wall filled with evidence against the leadership of the SA and with it, the entire industry will crumple under my hands. There shall not be a stone left untouched!
May 9, 2023

disgusting catacombs beneath school! OLD SRU £4M

This school is abysmal. The food is greasy, the staff are abusive, they do not deal with hate crimes or bullying. They would rather just sit down and wait for you to do the work that they made with their greasy little toes at 3 am. Mrs Neal USED to be a good teacher with a great seating plan but then she changed it while putting all of the girls who were friends near each other yet moving all of the male students away from each other. She is a tyrant and allows female students to run around the classroom and assault others while punishing those who acknowledge this. This school should be shut down. It has been driven into the ground by the disgusting little lady known as Lucy Conley, the vile pillock that she is. She verbally abuses students for speaking out about the horrific contents of the school. The toilets are never cleaned, they leave a musk of death around the main building and genuine faeces line the walls. People with disabilities are given TAs who do nothing but whine to the teacher, as do safeguarding with parents. They do not do anything well and they love to slather their toes onto the desks as they are always sticky. This school nauseates me. They also allowed students to create and paint swastikas around their books. They have also been racist, transphobic, homophobic and overall abuse male students. There are few good teachers who make lessons fun and entertaining while listening to students, such as Mr Horner and Mr Whelan. The school is foolish and every single PC in the school is genuinely from 20+ years ago with the operating capacity of the potato I ate for dinner. Some teachers have also shown their love for communism in some cases. You are also punished for speaking out and defending yourself from other students verbally and physically. Some students have yelled at others, the other student responded normally and then they were sent out and threatened with an OnCall or the old sru (catacombs)! This school is a dump and they must clean up this place before people start realising its a Nazi camp with genuine Catacombs that have the old SRU inside the walls. This place has an old hatch under the year 10 yard that leads to the Old SRU through the schools catacombs from 50 years ago. It leads to a broken old tower where they recently sent a young boy due to him warning them about these reviews! Disgusting school! Never send your children here, never go here, never tell people about how this place is well made. This place is a hellhole with widespread discrimination and Stalinism (about the headteacher who has had the biggest power trip ever). The buildings are also falling apart, K block has broken foundations made out of wooden twigs, bricks are falling out of the walls, the windows are cracked, everything smells and looks grimy. The school should not have received its good rating from Oxford. This is an unfair and tyrannical school that takes notes from Nazi Germany and other dictatorships. Please shut this place down before even more children are mentally scarred.Leino Drulle is a student that has been attacked violently by many people yet has been punished. This school is insane! They should have been shut down years ago!
Former Student
May 9, 2023

The old SRU

There are catacombs in the school. I tried to warn them, I did. But they took me into the old SRU. There's a hatch on the year 10 yard, it leads to the catacombs. There are connected to the old SRU, and from here there is another tunnel to the brick tower behind it. I can hear them coming, please spread the word. I sacrifice myself so others may live.
May 9, 2023

What a joke! 👾👽👻💀💀💀

Not really well when most of the teachers look like they belong to a prison, same with the students - the only not bad person in this entire organisation is.. Bob, the builder's manager. Congrats to him however all of the teaching staff or even pastoral team, all look like they're under a pyramid scheme to send in textiles or clay or even answers to the government which pays the school. The school says that their funding has increased however they can barely provide basic necessities to their own students. The heads of years are usually very corrupt same with their families who are in the business. You can't forget that one of the teachers is practically a creep and is known by their own students! This behaviour shouldn't been conducted on school grounds! Anyone who has power in this school is strict and frankly doesn't care who they punished. One of their former students, Ryan Bewick, has planted his own confession to a murder in one of the hard drives in one of the school's computers! He was a known racist and frequently used discriminatory language against others and wasn't punished - cause of "special needs". He certainly was special but others was punished for his actions and they cannot improve the school. Utter cesspit! One other student was punished for making a bzz sound while entering class and had to wait outside for 40 minutes and then got transferred into another class! One teacher had sent out another student for moving seats for 3 times even though it was twice and there wasn't any warning, so much for the 5 point plan. This is absolutely disgusting and this school shouldn't be running any longer!
May 9, 2023

shit school

this school is fucking disgusting. they say we can have a freedom of speech but the second we try to back up our point, they bring their whole mandem cause they can’t take the shit they give to us. they say treat us with respect but where is ours? we are teenagers not fucking dogs we deserve it too. the toilets are worse than a fucking sewer. paninis are shoved in the toilet, shit left in the toilet and even period blood left on the walls. they say they are going to improve the school but the policy is a load of shit. they only recently changed the boys hair cut policy, what about us girls who want to wear pencil skirts so they don’t blow up. the teachers and pastoral are so bothered about our rolled skirts which isn’t that deep but if it blows up showing our whole arse it’s perfectly fine. it’s always teachers word against students like we aren’t lying we are just in school to move on with our lives and we can’t if you guys don’t take the shit we say seriously. the head of school who joined in september is a piss taker. she has ruined my school life. my head of year is perfect she is so sweet ands listens and understands. the head of school is just there to make us walk around without smiles on our faces and to get her pay check. one time i was in medical and a pastoral member (don’t remember which one) just went into sru and started yelling and wanted to know why everyone was in there and would scream based off their reason like i think they have been told off enough you nosy cunt. this school has been ranked the best school of the year but that’s because when people come look around (opening evening for example) they make us have a smile on our faces and “represent the school”. we have to show this school as something it isn’t and the parents and years 4-6 are so gullable and then fall for the trap. fuck you spalding academy
May 9, 2023

Spalding's cesspit 🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️

This school has a very broad amounts of opinions that might be very controversial if spread around. It could possibly be raided by the entirety of NATO and even the Spalding Academy's agents that had planned this entire orchestra with Barret .50 Cal to frame one of the students, Toadarski , for moving a table 3 times because he needed his bag and the table being not straight cause of the poor funding towards the school but only towards expansion to take over more space! This is very bad for entirety Spalding or even the UK! This school exhibits bad behavior and many students of this school gets punished by said agents. This school just makes many of those who go to it, hate everything: their life, this school, Spalding, people, people. It's horrible, it should get demolished. Their agents - 🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️
May 9, 2023

Hustlers University

Restrictive School - Bad Job

They're really restrictive and they barely help the students and hate their own students. They usually expect an amount of work that is incomparable and expect that their best students are just machines that can work always forever and forever even though it causes them trauma which it has done to me. Barely anyone here is actually human and are a mixed life. I don't expect anyone to actually do what the staff tells to them but they're usually vague and strict. Teachers don't even give the resources needed to continue work and when they do, they don't allow you to start it and say that you rushed ahead while on their ASPIRE card, it says "Showing Initiative" while they punish you for doing it. Teachers also don't give any signatures for the card.
May 3, 2023

amazing school

the school is so good
Apr 18, 2023


My mate got a period six for calling a computer fat

My freind got a p six for calling a computer fat
Mar 25, 2023

Personal opinion (no hate ofcorse)

some teachers are alright but most honestly seem to hate their job. There are many 'rules' and standards that need to be followed (which hasn't been a problem for me personally) and if any are broken you will recieve sanctions. Every time you wish to go to the toilet you must have a pass to go and if you don't you cannot go and some teachers log when you go to the toilet. safeguarding isn't any good, i had a friend who has lots of medical problems and needed to see a doctor but their parent wouldn't take them as they thought they where over reacting, so my friend turned to safeguarding. safeguarding told the parent what my friend had said (medical concerns as they were in much pain) but safeguarding took the parents side and left it at that i believe. My friend hasn't trusted any of the safeguarding staff since then and judging by the other reviews many have experienced the same treatment. Overall the education isn't too bad as many students do, do well. In my experience many teachers are rather rude, they tell us to "shut up" yet yell at us if we say it to someone else, personally i don't think they are setting a great example. Some think they can speak to students however they want because their age gives them more authority? Never made sense to me but who am i to argue? clearly it is not my place to do so. Many students around me hate the school and i can see why, if i had the opportunity to leave i probably would if it wasn't for all my friends. There is most certainly room for improvement, i forgot to add : i remember being in an assembly where a member of staff was yelling at the whole year group and told us to go to deeping if we didn't like it as "deeping will take you". i thought it would be funny to add that little note here. no hard feelings x
Mar 11, 2023


This school is an shithole you get a bullied by teachers and tony digs his toes and fingers into the pasta and he spits in it the toilets are rubbish it smells if piss and the walls come off all the teachers are wales and don’t give a fuck about you they don’t care about bullying or mental heath but they care about you l wearing blush and a bit of eyebrow gel for your own safety don’t come here my English teacher told us we won’t get anywhere in life and will end up in McDonald’s and you will end up on benefits . I. The canteen they are usi my birds eye fish fingers and Greg’s sosagas
Mar 5, 2023

don't go

none of the teachers actually care about mental health, even though they always say that they do, i have one day off for family issues and they threatened my parents and i had to talk to their safeguarding team who are no help whatsoever and just ask you 'are you okay' and then send you away. Most of the staff are rude and don't let you explain yourself ever. You get put in ss1 for a week when caught anywhere inside during break/lunch without a pass even if you need the toilet for an emergency. Whenever you're in the corridor you get interviewed and they try and stop you from walking by pushing on your arms or standing in your face. if your not year 7 your not allowed to use the canteen you have to use the pods on the yard which have a mile long line so by the time you get to the front there's no food apart from oat cookies and milk cartons. The teachers are so strict that in lessons you can't even look at another person. They give you about 2 minutes to do a task and if you don't finish it you have to come back at lunch. basically don't go here
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