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Best. School. Ever!

Student · May 3, 2021
Student · May 3, 2021
Best. School. Ever. I left my all girls' grammar school to go here, and it certainly hasn't been a disappointment. I haven't seen any fights, no bullying, and made friends very quickly and easily in different classes within my year group. Teachers are frequently impressed with my work and are kind and friendly to all students, really taking me under their wing in my mid-year transition. When given the option to stay or go back to my old school, I almost automatically said I would stay. Some students can be harsh towards me, but I don't really mind! There are rumours about fights from last year, but I haven't seen any in my year, though there was a close occasion last week. This school is so underrated and it's fantastic!

Don't come to this school.

Former Student · November 29, 2020
Former Student · November 29, 2020
Gonna copy and paste from my Google review.

"Overall, not a great school. I've been to this school for 4 years and seen everything - inside and out. From the fights that happened almost weekly to all the roughness happening outside of the school grounds, you had it all here. Not to mention the atrocious lack of being able to deal with bullying - most kids just got off with a warning or a detention and then were allowed back out to wreak havoc. Not to mention the amount of teachers that keep leaving, this should surely indicate a problem. Not sure how this school has an OFSTED "Good" rating when they have a severe inability to deal with bullying and thus are unable to ensure student safety on and off school grounds.

There have been multiple occasions in which a fight will take place and teachers are seen physically wrestling some students to the floor - take Mr Bell as an example. This school simply cannot deal with fights and/or bullies. They have made this very apparent and have yet to do anything about this. The most they have offered students is the ability to leave early - which, let's face it, if they're not getting on a Lehane bus and they're catching the Stagecoach, more times than not they're more likely to still get picked on by bullies as a result of inconsistent Stagecoach buses in the area around that time!

There's a consistent problem where students constantly interrupt the teacher and do not listen, and this leads to students becoming unfocused and thus missing out on education because of a few spoiled brats who can't be bothered to get an actual education. Disgusting how long it takes for these students to be removed.

If you're a parent wondering where to send your child for school, I'd say anywhere but here. It's certainly not worth your time dealing with their lack of competence to deal with bullying and other such behaviours. I would strongly suggest looking in to other schools such as Archbishop's or St Anselm's - anywhere but here.

Adding on to this, I, myself, have been a victim of direct targeting by multiple teachers around the school. The reasons for such were not for any disobedient behaviour, but rather down to my physical abilities. I'm not going to go in to more detail as I do not want to be identified in this review by any teachers.

While some teachers here are nice, others seem to be "two-faced," if you will, meaning that on some days they can be kind and helpful, and other days they don't want to help anyone and just make everyone get on with it.

That's it for my review for this school. Thanks.
- Anon"
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