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Jun 26, 2024


reform uk

Brodie husiks a fat gimp
Föredetta elev
Jun 8, 2024

Absolutely horrible

DO NOT GO HERE. This school is absolutely horrible, I’m so happy I left. At my time in this school I felt hopeless, let alone care for my education. Teachers constantly gave me anxiety and made me not want to have a future. The English depart was regularly absent and a specific teacher constantly talked about inappropriate things which should NEVER be discussed at school. The math department was a mess; people in my year could not do simple calculations and the head of math was in prison for a couple days. The home ec department could not care for dietary requirements (as one with one) I felt neglected and somewhat unsafe in the unhygienic environment I was later pressured to eat food made in there. The language department did not teach language well, I have become more fluent with another teacher in the same time. The science department was interesting; after moving to a new school(in another country) I have failed chemistry due to not even learning basic stuff, in chemistry lessons the teacher would sit there pulling students from other classes to shout at them. In those 2 years I was there I could have ACTUALLY LEARNED THE CURRICULUM BUT NO THEY WASTED VERY IMPORTANT YEARS. On top of the lack of education, mental health issues were not supported, vaping and smoking was normalised, non of it was controlled, students ran through the halls, teachers sitting at chatting to favourite students, bullying is fine according to the staff. It was a place I shall never return. Thanks for reading, look after yourself and the future can be better. Avoid going here.
Dec 5, 2023

Absolutely belters everyday

Absolute banger of a school totally amazing. Fr.
Föredetta elev
Aug 22, 2023

not bad

Some very nice teachers who want the best for you while others will do everything in their power to get you in trouble for the most minor of things. Many are on a power trip most of the time however some are the nicest, most down to earth people ever.
Mar 23, 2023


my response.


St. Andrew's High School is a six year comprehensive Catholic High School serving the eastern half of Fife.

As a Catholic comprehensive we foster a caring atmosphere in which tolerance and respect for others are promoted. We seek to ensure that all pupils are given every opportunity to achieve their true potential and to participate fully in school life. We try hard to ensure that everyone is supported and challenged throughout their time in our school.

At the heart of our school community are our shared values of respect, happiness, confidence and ambition
Mar 16, 2023

its absouletley shite

horrendous school. teachers are disgusting do not recommend to anyone
Mar 3, 2023

bad school

as a employee at this school it is horrendous every toilet door and cubical doors locked absouletly shocking personally i will not recommend to any parents xx
Förälder / Vårdnadshavare
Oct 7, 2022


Mental health

It seems no one notices bullying and singling out of students. I agree they seem to only be concerned with attendance and not how students mental health is.
Föredetta elev
Jun 14, 2022

Horrible school

This school is horrendous , Bullying is pushed to the side , Guidance department are horrible at there jobs and do nothing to help the students and particularly pick out favourites , Language department team up on pupils including myself and would speak in German,French etc about a pupil in front of them in a language they couldn’t understand , Home economics department is amazing, My younger brother is now at this school and a pedophile is now working as the head of Mathematics which is extremely unprofessional, Headteachers make students throw any juices in the bin including some food (I know as this was done to me) while we are living in economic crisis and have no right to tell anybody to do this, Constantly low of staff and have had numerous teachers that don’t teach , The only acceptable departments in that school are Science and Home Economics. This school is horrible and would never been think about sending a child there.
May 4, 2022



This is a shithole of a school
Cover teachers everyday the food is stinking and tastes like cardboard as a student currently DO NOT GO HERE!
Oct 24, 2021

only about 7 good teachers here now

As a current pupil here i can honestly say that most of the teachers here are bad, the only ones i get on good with are the modern languages department, home ec, one re teacher and one pupil support teacher. The guidance department do not help, they don’t do anything about problems in the school. I saw a guidance tell a s3 pupil who was smoking to go away from the office and letting him get away with it
Föredetta elev
Sep 29, 2021


Now a former S6 pupil who is enjoying the freedom and laughing off at this school, you may have read my review from Sept 24th, 2020, I was kind of shocked that someone said that the modern languages dept is ganging up on people as I went along good with these teac***s and they said to me I could always visit them.

But in terms of shortages of teac***s then yes, this is a huge problem in this school, which happened to me a lot in S4, S5. Last year it was kind of understandable because of coronavirus.

Although t***e's one teac*** in the English department who made me barely pass English and everyone in the class hated *** and complaints made no impact whatsoever, I managed to go away with a C in hig*** English but I could've bumped it to B or A if she was actually present instead of being off-school a whole friking month in december last year. If you have ***, then I am incredibly sorry for you.

in terms of the rest like management, teac***s supply, bullying etc then I still think the school is not good at dealing with these.

It will probably be my last review on this school and all I can say is send your kids somew***e else, not to this school.
Förälder / Vårdnadshavare
Apr 27, 2021


I use to go to this school, now my daughter goes ! To be honest this school is okay! Some of the teachers are kinda strict, some are nice and friendly .
Föredetta elev
Apr 6, 2021

don’t go here

this school is very bad, the teachers cannot teach the class, instead they make it their goal to send people out of the class for very minor things (like talking for 2 seconds). they complain that we don’t understand what they’re teaching but instead of going over it with us they just tell us that we should have listened better. They don’t encourage you to do anything and they just get higher members of staff to phone parents. They’re constantly short of staff and you will have a supply teacher at least one period everyday. The modern languages teachers tend to gang up on people and say some extremely petty things that an adult shouldn’t be saying to a pupil especially since they’re meant to be setting an example. I’ve had teachers talking about my mum (saying she’s a bad parent) and they have also made comments on my appearance. This school overall is HIGHLY unprofessional. Also there is a lot of drug usage and smoking on the school property that they don’t even try and stop, they just tell you to go elsewhere and i would not recommend sending your child here unless you want them to be literally bullied by teachers.
Föredetta elev
Apr 6, 2021



Feb 4, 2021


As a S6 pupil I can say that this school is very bad. During my time at the school I spent a nearly a without a proper maths teacher. Almost half a year without a English teacher. On the other side this school has a amazing modern languages department with very friendly teachers. Most of junior pupils run around the school like they own the place, teachers receive abuse from them, they don't follow instructions and the management does nothing at all about it. There is a lot of drugs at the school and police is a daily sight now.
Nov 24, 2020

Used to be good but has went massively downhill.

This school used to be notorious for being the best school in the area, if you’re sending your child there because of this, those days are long gone. If you’re a neurotypical student with no mental health problems then you’ll be fine. If you aren’t though, prepare to be ignored, teased by staff, bullied, the list goes on. The staff don’t care if you’re being bullied, all they care about is you being in school. They have clear favourites when it comes to pupils and join in with making fun of the kids who aren’t as popular. As someone else’s review says, the pupil support staff are near enough clueless. They haven’t allowed me to use break rooms during panic attacks multiple times and have made fun of my coping mechanisms far too many times to count. There is the odd good teacher, and some are great, but this is a very small amount of them. Thank goodness this is my last year here.
Sep 26, 2020


A S6 student here. I have mixed feelings about this school. Some teachers are nice and actually prepare you for the exams but others are atrocious: not controlling people, not teaching well/at all, don’t help you at all or they decide to stay off school for a MONTH. Because of that I had to self study THE WHOLE COURSE from a textbook and luckily achieved the grades that I wanted (but not enough for university).
Förälder / Vårdnadshavare
Sep 10, 2020

Unsatisfactory School

a lot of bullying where the school would do nothing to help those involved.
Aug 28, 2020

St andrews

average school. not a huge fan. some teachers are nice others very not so much
Aug 23, 2020

Horrible for non neurotypical kids

They really need to do better, especially for neurodivergent kids, as well as kids with mental heath issues.

There are things that aren’t great for neurotypical kids, such as pupils smoking on school grounds, vaping inside the school, constant class disruption, etc. However I’m mostly going to be talking about my experience as an autistic and mentally ill student.

The pupil support department treated me horribly, by either completely ignoring panic attacks, or causing them. There are small rooms in the department that are supposed to be for pupils to sit in to calm down, but when I went down to the department crying and shaking and asked to sit inside one, they told me that they were “meeting rooms” (which isn’t what they’re for, they have beanbags and sensory items in them) and that I should go back to class despite the fact I was crying so hard I could hardly breathe.

They also followed me into the bathroom, demanding for me to open the door. I refused for obvious reasons, and they started banging on the door until I had a panic attack so bad I stopped breathing.

There was one teacher who would deliberately try to annoy or trigger me and others, by deliberately triggering my friends OCD, or repeatedly grabbing my shoulders after I told him I’m autistic and that it causes me to meltdown. This same teacher once left the class, and while was gone people started throwing things. I was hit by a pencil right next to my eye, which cut my skin open, if it had hit my eye it likely would have done permanent damage. I told him what happened but he did nothing about it.

I self harmed at school many times, which they did nothing about. They didn’t call my parents, or send me to get first aid, nothing. But once when I wrote on my forehead, they were suddenly concerned about me, they called my mother trying to make her take me home, and tried to take me out of class.

Many of the pupil support teachers really don’t know what they’re doing in regards to neurodivergent kids, they don’t actually know what they’re doing. For example, one teacher claimed things “everyone is a little autistic”, which was really the final thing that made me realise that they are barely educated on these things.

There are many other incidents, they really need to do better. I didn’t rate as one star, because there are good parts, and I’m sure it isn’t the worst school and it would be fine for some kids, but I would like to give a warning to parents of neurodivergent kids.
Overton Road, KY1 3JL, Kirkcaldy
01592 583407

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