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Apr 28, 2024

It’s okay

I’ve been a student here for some time, yeah I did learn some stuff but I can smell smokes outside the boys bathroom.. and I’ve seen some outrageous stuff in st edmunds. For example fighting, verbal bullying, students being rude to teachers etc.. this school I’d not bad I have learnt some stuff there but it’s just the students that concern me a bit..
Feb 1, 2024

Mental health collapsed

I’m extremely overworked. Collapsed my mental health and they do nothing. Students punished for not being in school but not racism? They only take about how they are an outstanding school and I don’t see why. The schools food looks like someone threw up in it. Everywhere’s dirty. They always talk about how good it is to take care of your mental health when they’re the ones breaking it and giving me no time to relax. Way too many mice. Some teachers are really nice like Mr Bonken. But Senior leadership only care about the schools reputation. There are hundreds of students left behind because they don’t get high enough grades or don’t have picture perfect behaviour. Don’t send your child to this school unless you want their mental health to collapse, be driven insane and get poisoned by the food.
May 14, 2023


depends what day it is but this school can be effort to go to and sometimes i don’t feel supported but i go for my friends
Former Student
May 6, 2023


I was a former student at this school and I hated it there. Teachers were never there for me when I needed them and I was also treated differently to my peers. The school also has a problem of overlooking racism. My sibling still goes to this school and by what she has told me, it hasn’t changed very much. Some teachers however are nice. Teachers like Miss Simon, Miss Jones, Miss Styliss and Miss Cheater Davis are examples of how the teachers should be but they are not. The school also has problems of the male teachers walking into female toilets especially the head teacher. As well as that the school also has a competitive nature towards Ark Charter Academy despite not being better than them at solving problems. If you do so much as mention the name of Charter you will get dirty looks by most of the staff. Either way don’t send your child here you will regret it
Former Student
Nov 2, 2022

One of the best

Amazing school. Sure, improvements could be made on the teachers listening to students and resolving problems better but overall my time here taught me a lot.
Former Student
Aug 17, 2022

St Eds staff unable to deal with bullying/harassment

The teachers are incompetent when it comes to dealing with bullying and harassment. I know for a fact at least 100 people in my year alone felt incredibly let down and Traumatised by the end, myself included. The worst part is the don't believe that they are doing poorly. My time at the school has severely affected my mental health, making me suicidal at some points in my life. My brother moved school after only 3 years and I wish i had done the same. I genuinely cannot put into words how misguided and incompetent the staff were as a whole when it came to bullying particularly, I remember one teacher actually joining in and making fun of my self harm, and others just ignoring the bullying and acting like everything was fine. Please reconsider attending this school. The school would also force any none Christian students to partake in their religious activities, which I find incredibly disturbing
Oct 14, 2021

ignorant towards students

it’s a good school for grades and learning. but not so much the equality side of things.
as a member of the lgbtq+ community im really disappointed and angry with what happens at school and what goes unnoticed. the school turns a blind eye sometimes to these issues or homophobia and racism. it’s awful. although there’s a lovely support group for mental health. overall it’s meh. i’m excited to leave but it’s not a completely horrible school. i just wish christian values weren’t used to excuse ignoring the issues i’ve spoken about.
Sep 19, 2021

Unfortunately not as inclusive as people say.

It's a nice school and all, the teachers are nice but... the the other students are awful. I'm openly gay and uh... I'd like to not be called slurs in class?
Former Student
Aug 24, 2020

St eds

Absolutely amazing nothing to fault teachers do everything for you and I don’t think there will ever be a school like it

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