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A Great School.

Student · June 10, 2021
Student · June 10, 2021
Despite some of the negatives, the school has really improved in helping children with their school work and mental health, especially with year 11s. In our year a lot of people developed tics and we were very highly supported and given ways to help and make us feel comfortable and safe whilst also being to focus on our school work. A majority of teachers were very kind and non judgemental and wanted to ensure that we had the same educational opportunities. Overall a very good school in my opinion.

Bit of a sh*t school

Student · May 22, 2021
Student · May 22, 2021
Pretty s*** school to be honest, about a third of the teachers are spineless and never get anything done, instead of teaching maths they tell their life stories and joke around with the c**** that are expected to get a grade U.
Most of the good and memorable teacher left since the new headteacher joined, now the school is mostly former Colchester Academy teachers that either have no clue what they're doing or can't handle a class at all.

This school wasn't that bad up until the second half of 2019 when we got the new headteacher, there are still some great teachers but the majority have either left or moved elsewhere.

*extra note: people are too sensitive and teachers are biased

Some of the negatives

Former Student · April 17, 2021
Former Student · April 17, 2021
Mental health help isnt the best , they give kids with anxiety a bright orange card and expect them to go up to the teacher and show it for proof, most of the mental health improvements only really came in after a young boy killed himself. instead of being there as a resource already . They spend money on TVs in the halls that are ONLY for show ,no students look at them or need them while German class was cut , classrooms have broken air conditioners and science department(and others) have complained about lack of funds in there subjects. Many teachers are trying their best however but many of the golden respected ones have moved on . Pastoral have biases so when a fight or argument breaks out they will give the preferred one a much lighter punishment or just a talking to if they're in the wrong,and only the kids who are outwardly disruptive/expressive or who's parents/carers/other adults get involved actually get exit cards and positive help to cope , the quiet people who arent as firm and dont have parents or carers who'll help get shoved off. Also the school building (not new block) is very only with engraved 'boys' and 'girls' entrances , said entrances and building arent ment for the amount of students there are so many use the bike entrance , french exit and the black gate ment for deliveries to get in and out . The main entrance/exit is a LITERAL stampede of children on the way out and the carpet they have in front of the door causes many to trip combind the tiny concrete stairs It's a huge safety hazard. The cutlery for tea and toast in the mornings is not cleaned , just left in an open jar of jam or sugar for others to use right after. Teachers also rarely ever read the notes aside students names on the register, this notes can contain information on a mental or physical condition and what to do to help, them reading them would save students a lot of grief from having to go up and explain /show proof of their condition at the beginning of lessons with new teachers .
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Alright, I guess...

Student · August 21, 2020
Student · August 21, 2020
Since the new headteacher has come along the school has gotten better but also worse because of some of the new changes brought in, such as year 11s not being able to do clubs so they can gocus on their studies, I think that's bad. Nice new cafeteria and toilets though.

It's okay, I guess?

Student · August 21, 2020
Student · August 21, 2020
Since the last head teacher left the school has been different, and not in a good way. I mean, the new cafeteria and toilets are great but I don not like the way the school is run anymore.
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