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Mar 5, 2023

Don’t send your kids here

This school is simply horrible. Don’t send your kids here. Teachers are so horribly rude to kids, especially *** *****. She bullies me and threatens me. I’ve had enough.
Jan 31, 2023


Absolute garbage. school is literally breaking down the cafeteria is unusable due to the roof, and the education system is outdated. Many students are horrible. Students get forced to take RE which is an incredibly useless and stupid subject.
Former Student
Jun 8, 2022

Not a recommendation

Support is weak, bullying is strong, hygiene and environmental conditions is bad and numerous daily fights is a consistent issue. Some good staff members who genuinely care for students and their education and wellbeing however some lack in this. Its more like be a good pupil I'll be a good teacher kind of thing. Which is understandable however if an individual doesn't meet the level of criteria in their work the student doesn't get the level of support they may require and instead are usually left to suffer. The structure expected is bad the way things are supposed to happen just doesn't it's not consistent like it should be and preparation and important information is literally handed out last minute if at all. Numerous undealt serious and minor incidents have happened to students from other kids physically, emotionally, verbally etc and occasionally you'll find emotional and verbal abuse from a staff member and/or student to a staff member. I haven't got enough experience to compare it to another high school but it's not a school I'd ever recommend putting a child into if there is a better and alternative option available.
Apr 5, 2022

Worest high school ever

I have been bullied for 4 years I have been there they are rude and not respectful at all especially the teachers
Apr 27, 2021

Eh idk

In all fairness, no school will ever be top notch brilliant. But I’ve been to better high schools, there are some amazing teachers that you’ll love but there are loads who just do not care. Students are sent home stressed and in tears bc certain teachers just don’t care how well you understand the work, as long as the homework is complete or else... uh oh... detention 😩... you might have your phone on the desk, dead, completely untouched or just there. They will no doubt take it away... they say they don’t allow bullying but do nothing about it... kids go down the field every day to smoke and drink. Nobody monitors the field at all. If you don’t have a mask it’s “you can’t go into shops without them” even if you don’t have one on you. It’s the end of the world. Also a few years back there was a slashing incident and a while ago the head teacher (who is still there btw) told a student to take off their pride badge and his only reason was “it’s not school appropriate”... the badge wasn’t harming anyone, why is it your business mate?
Dec 20, 2020


The school environment needs worked on and so does the service. We have some very good teachers who have definetly supported me into passing assessments. It has also been a very difficult time for many people with the virus and a few teachers have been very kind and caring. The scho definitely needs worked on with the students behaviours especially S1-3. The school is not the most successful but we have had several successful, famous or well known people who were a student at St Kent's so the school has defo done some good. Overall I'll rate a 4 star, still needs improvement but it is not the worst secondary school to be at.
Dec 15, 2020


In all fairness as far as schools in these areas go it's pretty alright. There are some absolutely amazing teachers that can change your life and will get you through. Some teachers give more homework than others but that's as per. Bullying is quite a big problem in S1+2. They care more about looking like they do a good job rather than doing it. Some senior management are amazing while others are not. Food is as expected and the dinner staff are wonderful and have positive relationships with the kids. Supported studies and exam revisions resources are brill. Some of the pupils every year are very rude and annoying and lots of kids leave the cafeteria such a mess and no real recourse is taken. Buses are taken seriously and the departments are mostly well- equipped. Not too big on activism
Dec 5, 2020


They don’t deal with bullying great there are lots of fights the teachers don’t care if you neeed your phone for like a family thing it’s taken away
Nov 17, 2020

. . .

Now there is soap that wasn't there before pandemic (also paper) corridors are full of people a lot of fights problems that students are late because of the one way system following a lot of people without masks and teachers not following safety rules.
Sep 26, 2020

very bad

a teacher plucked out all my eyebrows then shaved my head and put the hair into the burgers, he then painted my head with my own blood that he stole from my toes and said 1d was bad. he also made me listen to wap on repeat for hours and hours until i knew how to play it on 6 different instruments and knew every word. oh and a couple years ago someone got slashed(true story) and a couple years before that the head teacher told a student to take off a pride badge (also true story)
Sep 18, 2020


Teachers don’t care about mental health, always just “homework” “exams” and work. Someone would go to them crying and they’ll get sent back to class, the toilets are vandalised with horrible words aimed at people bullying them. And there’s never any soap, which in this case, is not good.
West Main Street, EH47 7LX, Blackburn
01506 656404

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